Monday, December 26, 2005

I'm falling. I'm falling not like falling in love but it's falling apart. I spend all my vacation locking my self inside my dusty bedroom instead of doing my projects. I have this problem and it destroys my self. I'm destroying my self. My Christmas is so cold and nobody could answer why but my self. Am I making it cold for me or the one who suppose to make it warm is no where to be seen or hear beside me. Or, I'm the one who suppose to make it warm for my self. Meaning I'm alone in Christmas. Every time I hear the song "Stick with you" or while watching it in the TV, I can't help but fall into tears. Am I being pathetic or people just haven’t felt the true meaning of Love and not just simply one-night-stand or short-time (as to girls call it "shota") or fling or your three months expiration date. Could the day be seen in my future that I'll be singing that song to him? I hope so, I'm hoping. Just hope. So many Questions I need to ask but there is no one but him could answer it. Him is not here but there inside my phone ringing. Just ringing. No answers. Should I give up on this or should I stand up? I know I'm just afraid that I could be just one of his boys who happen to have a 3 months expiration date. But I am just one leg. It can stand up but can't move. I can kick my self to the destination I want if the other leg wants it that way. But where is the other leg? Well, I'm calling him but just ring-ring-ring. I don't know if we have a problem or maybe it's just me. I hope I'm the only one who has a problem so that it's easy to accept and I could only blame my self. New Year is really fast coming. I must do my project fast. Should I still worry about us? Sometimes, I think that, I have done my part, always.

Sunday, December 18, 2005

He fights like a man so he can become a woman

Beautiful Boxer is really one of the year's best movies. Napanood ko na yung film kahit hindi pa pinapalabas dito sa Pilipinas. The movie is based on the real life story of Parinya Chareonphoi, a Muaythai boxer who underwent a sex change operation to become a woman; even his name in the movie is Nong Toom. The movie chronicles her life from a young boy who likes to wear lipstick and wear flowers to her sensational career as kickboxer. First, when he was still young, his parents lend him to the monks, which I did not understand why because the movie has only the subtitles on the important scenes. I think that's why he has a strong and firm body because of learning from the monks. As I know, monks centers the strengthening of their body. His Mom was always there to comfort him when he is bullied, that is why his parents didn't have a hard time to accept him for who he is. He started the boxing career when his friends entered him to a boxing competition and accidentally won it. He brought money to his parents because that is what they need even his mom wont let him to fight again. The hardest fight he went through, I think is fighting his friend even the weather wont let them to. I wont spill more of the story. All I really want to say is that, the movie didn't gave the right justice to the story. The story was great, really great, the movie is fine but fine is not enough for such beautiful movie.

Friday, November 18, 2005

Zsazsa Zaturnah, malapit ng lumipad!

Ikaw na kaya si Zsazsa?

Tanghalang Pilipino
Zsazsa Zaturnnah (Ze Muzikal)Auditions - Ever!
When : November 29, 2005 2PM-8PM
December 6, 2005 2PM-8PM
Where : Bulwagang Amado Hernandez(Conference Room)
Ground Floor, CCP Main Bldg.
1. Must be at least 18 yrs. old
2. Preferably with theatre experience
3. Can sing very well (We mean it!)
4. Resume with 2x2 headshot (or bigger)Auditionees must BELT OUT A COMIC RENDITION OF ASERIOUS SONG (a capella or accompanied byminus-one/music piece), complete with DANCE STEPS ORMOVEMENT (Yes, solo production number ito.)

NOTE:Wearing of costume is strongly encouraged.

Please register by phone beginning November 22, 2005.

For more details, call the TP office at 832-3661 or832-1125 locals 1620/1621. (pero utang na loob, walang mga nakapagngingitngit na tanong para hindi ma-IM ang mga dakilang taga-TP at mabagsakan kayo ng phone, ok?) =)

Tanghalang PilipinoResident Theater Company of theCultural Center of the Philippines
Roxas Blvd., Pasay CityOffice
Telefax: 832-3661CCP
Trunkline: 832-1125 local 1620 & 1621
(Tuesdays to Fridays)

Whalah! bago lay-out ko. Mas simple ito kaysa sa mga nauna na. I made the pictures my self. Medyo mabagal ito mag-upload sa mga dial-up, I think. Well, sana bigay naman kayo ng comments sa bago kong lay-out kahit sa ngayon e hnd ko pa nlalagay yung link ng comments for every entry.


I have read from an article that something like this should be keep discreet. But I'm proud of this so here it go!

Medyo lonely ako before our monthsary.. ayaw ko pa sakanyang sabihin kasi I'm just missing him badly, misery. I was like making a phrase for that dilemma.

"I'm lonely right now and its killing me... Sadness fills my heart and soul, all covered up... Someone pull me away from this dark and cold pit of misery, if you please."

So there, its history now. I was cheered by a testimonial for him by his friend. But I was really happy that he called me in the day of our monthsary. He asked me to go to UST - Colayco Park and wait. Kim, his buddy, showed up with a box of cake and 3 balloons. I gave her my gift for Adrian and I asked her to hug my boyfriend for me.

Image hosted by

The cake Adrian gave me... how sweet... awww... pero ma sweet pa si Adrian sa cake na to... bkt? e nalasahan ko na sya e... haha JOKE!!!

Image hosted by

Si Teddie Beer-Jun2x, my gift, @ si bonbonito

Adrian was so busy but I understand him. I already know that he's a busy person before we enter in this relationship. I love him and that is really important. I'm loyal, faithful and I can wait.


Yuri, Liza and I were in the EJ office yesternight. Yuri and I were talking about my ideas for the EJ2 cover while Liza was browsing some magazines. Before leaving the Albertus MAgnus Bldg., Yuri told us a story that happened 3 days ago. I'ts really freaky. While on the locking the door, Yuri started to talk, and then we walked.

Yuri: My kukuwnto ako. Alam mo na ba yung nung-isang-araw?
Liza: Hindi pa nya alam.
Ako: Bkt, anu yon?
Yuri: Diba may friend si Joliver(EJ staff) sa Eng'g?
Ako: Oo, girl yun diba, o tapos...
Yuri: Pumunta sila dito tapos sabi nung girl, may tatlong tao daw dito sa labas ng EJ.
Ako: Huh?
Yuri: Tatlong tao sa labas na hindi makapasok kasi may bata sa loob.
Liza: Anu yon tao?
Yuri: Hindi natin nakikita.
(nasa labas pa kami ng EJ, naglalakad)
Ako: parang gusto kong tumingin sa likod kaso hindi ko magawa.

Sobrang freaky tapos medyo natakot pa ako ng nkalabas na kami tapos nakita ko si
Aika at Dean sa labas ng Educ. Aika was texting someone that she thought that it was me. So I freaked out because I dont have prepaid load yet that time. So how will I text Aika if I dont have load? She even explained that I asked her where she is and she said that she's already infront of our bldg., so she texted me to go down and see them. Coincidence that is.

Mas nagpatakot naman sakin ito. I was inside the EJ office this morning before entering class, alone. I was typing something when I heard the door slammed like someone was angry and forced to close the door. After a few seconds, when I can finally move, I went outside to see if someone went out at the other rooms. No one was there. I didn't hear the door opened by someone but I heard it slammed. I closed the computer and take my bag and went down to our classroom. My officemates would be scared if I'll tell this to them.

Monday, November 7, 2005

Yehey! pasukan na ulit... horay!
Alam ko marami magagalit sakn kasi madami pang taong ayaw pang pumasok...
Basta ako masaya kasi may baon na ulit... hehehe
So paguwi ko galing sa eskwela, nakatulog kaagad ako sa kwart dahil sa pagod.
Pagkagising ko nataranta ako kasi hindi pa ako bumibili ng school suplies ko for this semester.
Hindi na ako kumain. Dahil sa sakit ng katawan ginusto kong matulog muli ngunit hindi ako dinalaw ng antok.
Wala na lang akong inatupag kundi maginternet at kumuha ng kumuha ng picture using my CP. hehehe
Habang nasa harap ng computer, binuksan ko ang Telebisyon.
Aking laking gulat ng biglang pinalabas sa MYX Premier ang Music Video ng Sugarfree.
At ang kanta ay, hindi ang theme song ng Panday kundi ang pinaka sweet na kanta para sa akin.

Tulog na by Sugarfree

tulog na mahal ko
hayaan na muna natin ang mundong ito
lika na, tulog na tayo.
tulog na mahal ko
wag kang lumuha, malambot ang iyong kama
saka na mamroblema

tulog na hayaan na muna natin sila
mamaya, hindi ka na nila kaya pang saktan
kung matulog, matulog ka na…

tulog na mahal ko
nandito lang akong bahala sa iyo
sige na, tulog na muna
tulog na mahal ko
at baka bukas ngingiti ka sa wakas
at sabay natin haharapin ang mundo

tulog na hayaan na muna natin sila
mamaya, hindi ka na nila kaya pang saktan
kung matulog, matulog ka na…
hanggang makatulog ka
Kinuhaan ko ng video kaso pangit kaya picture na lang.
Marami akong kinuha kaso mabagal ang PC ko kaya dalawa lang na upload ko...
hehe excuses...

Friday, November 4, 2005

This may sound a little redundant to others but for me its not. It's just an issue to every bisexual like me, I think, whose answers are not yet revealed. How tiring…
What's the difference between bisexuals and gays anyway? I my self doesn't know where the hell these words come from but do I even care? Yep, sometimes. I have said that I'm a bisexual, yes I am. The word bisexual refers to a person who can love both lady and lad. I have read in a magazine about homophobes, "We are all born bisexuals" –Sigmund Freud. Yes we are. Don't know why or how? Find it for your selves. In bisexuals, we walk into 2 terms, the tops and bottoms. I hate these words actually. They just refer where you are placed during sex. Why I hate these words? Sex doesn’t have an importance in my life. Yes, it doesn’t have, it's just lust (but its enjoying anyway hehe that's the pervert side of me who answerd that. Damn you perverts!). But I admit that I'm not a virgin anymore since elementary. So anyway, how important it is the word bisexual to me? I'm living in the world conquered by straights and curves. When I love an opposite sex, it automatically refers you as straight (but how come?). When you love in the same sex, there is a unchangable notation, especially to granies, that you are homosexual. Does it mean that Bisexuals are Homosexuals? I don't know, maybe or maybe it is just a front of gay peepz according to other peepz. I have risk many important things in my life now. I always think of the things around me and not even thinking of my self. I was confused, I was thinking of entering to seminary because of God's call. But I refused to answer it; I don't want to be the "Sugo." What is it for me anyway? I have revealed so many things to my environment. They may judge me on anything they want, how or what reactions have they showed. Do must I care? I don't know. Many people told me that I must not change for them. But in the world that they rule, I think I must go away from these worlds. Being like this has become a burden to me. Now, do I hate being like this? Of course not, I already have the life I wanted a long time. Full of adventure, colors, the light, the challenges, the things I need to have. I love my boyfriend. I love my family and frinds. Confusion is with me. I need to answer the doubts running in my self. All I really want is to love and be loved in return. No mistakes, full of happiness. No tears, No cold stormy nights. What else could happen to me. I want to be out fully. I want my family to notice the real me. I know someone who just recently accidentally pulled out from his closet. I still don't know what happened to him next, I'm still waiting for answers. I have many problems right now. All I maybe need is time... or understanding perhaps.

Wednesday, November 2, 2005

Before Haloween, My Family and some friends went to Puerto Galera. Well, except me ofcourse, and my eldest brother and maids. While they were gone, I took the chance to be with my baby Mushy-Phe. But before they were gone, I wrote a note and place it in the door of our fridge that says to left money because I'm borke. They left the money to my kuya but the money wont afford anything, for me. They were gone three days and I was with Adrian for 2 days. We pamper our selves because the days was, if not bumming, its very tiring.

Image hosted by

Adrian is very sweet, that's why I call him Mushy before, now Phe. Why? hehe I rather him andswer that. I cooked him an ordinary dish and he really like it. He almost forgot his fried eggs. He even ask their maid to cooked him the same dish. (hehe, iba ako e) Here are some pics before we cleaned up our mess and left his place.

Image hosted by

He's totally funny, as in. Great Actor, comedian, drama, action, any part or scene, I believe he can do. I really love him even. nah! I really love him anyway. Nasabi ko na bang mahal na mahal ko sya, as in, talaga?


Image hosted by

November 1 has come. I went to North Cemetery with my parents. Gosh, it was very tiring to go there, especialy during that day. It was really crowded entering and going out of the place. It was hard for me to breath because it was "di mahulugang karayum," for real. God gave me a sign for me to be save from that event. I thought I was having LBM before leaving the house, my stomach really hurts. I really want to experience going to cemetery during November 1 but I never thought that it would be that crowded. I knew something like this would happen that's why just dressed up simple yet elegant. I knew it was a long walk that's why I just use my old slippers.

While on the crowd, I almost have a fight with an old woman. She pulled my arms and began shouting, "p*t*ng *na m*!" (3x) I just ignore her because I dont want to fight an old woman in that crowd. I just think that I'm an educated person stdying in a "pristige" university. (as if?!) As what I have told, my parents was there but they didnt saw what happen because they were infront of me. But I feel my Mom knows what hapen because I know she heard the old womans glass breaking voice

Image hosted by

Finally, first stop, the grave of my uncle. KGG. DANNY MONZON, former Councelor of first distric of manila. Then we went to my grand fathers grave. (That is the time when the crazy woman shout at me) After my Dad said his goodbye's to my grandfathers skelitons, Tito Tony appeared with Choyie, melcar and Gelgel, my cousins. My parents and uncle Tony talked about the old days with my Grandpapa. The big toys that my Grandpapa bought for them during their birthdays. The only family who has TV on the street. I just told my self, 'unbelievable, but sounds true. Our family was that rich that time.' I still remember what my mom said to the 2 boys, "Kaya pala, may pinagmanahan. Kaso ang pagkakamali ng Dad nyo ay hindi kayo tinuruan ng Chinese language." According to what I have heard from them about my Grandpapa, He doesnt have a vise but he smoke, drinks beer, bet at the horse race and read chinese news papers. Haayz, I just wish that I was born during our Grandpapa was still alive. Here are some chosen photos I took using my phone.

Image hosted by Image hosted by
Image hosted by Image hosted by

Tuesday, October 4, 2005

back off!!!

I'm planning to change my blog. Reason, I really feel bad and worried about the things that are happening to my life now. I think I should keep first in my closet the happy-go-lucky side of me. Why change? I always change something when I feel I'm being singled out. Huh? I was "nabastos" that's why. Sometimes I go to the parlor and have my nails cleaned or sometimes get to Barbie and ask him to cut my hair and give it a style. O I c...

Here it is, I was insisting to my group mates about our report that it would not be on last Monday, on the same date that we were talking, because I say so. Luckily I was right but it's too late. They insisted that's why I was not able to attend two of my courses to make that report, alone. When I came back to school in a hurry, they told me "I think we are not going to report today." I was really feeling something inside of me. I just told my self "I can’t be angry now, not now to my own friends." But before that, when I entered the building, someone approach me and say, "Blood donation po?" I just laugh and raised my arms and said to him "blood donation?" Arfgh! I'm the one who need to be given some blood. People are worst that day.

Yesterday, hmmm I think I should not share it here but maybe I will. There came a "colleague" while I was talking to a someone. She was on my back when she stabbed me with words. I was shocked about what she said and I was left standing without on my phase. Maybe she didn't know that her words made me bleed. Luckily, some of my friends were still there to share the emotion. I was trying to burst my self into tears that time because I really wanted to release the strain. And, what the fuck was my horoscope that time. "Marami ang maghahangad na ika'y mabigo ngayon. Ngunit ni isa sa kanila ay hindi magtatagumpay" Yah right, it was a heck but it was true on the first premise. On the 2nd one was really crazy. The people who wanted me crying were victorious but the battle is just starting, it's a war. My appearance was telling my friends that "did that happened?" but inside of me was shouting, "It happened. What's next, assassination?" I was not able to express my self properly; I just went to the EJ office and stayed for work. People are worst than ever!

A while ago, after I woke up on a Wednesday morning, it came into my mind that I haven't got a reply from Bekey. He asked me about giving him a girl. I replied "Sira, hindi babae pinaghahahanap ko, lalake po gusto ko ngayon. Ahihi ^_^" What is that, with a smiling face. Then he never replied. I think he's homophobic but according to a someone, he told her that he was half-half like us. Nah, if he's lying and ignore me in class, I'm prepared to tell him my back-up lines. Now, I just hope I'm wrong in my view. I don't want to do to others what they are doing to me just to push them down. I better kill them I guess. I thought I could find a friend from a typical person like him. Don't worry; I'll be easy. I wont try to waste a thought because I never will, then return of candles and walk out and shed some tears. Joke! I'll be fine; I'll go back now to sleep after this, I’m already seeing ghosts. I can't wait to see people today.

Friday, September 30, 2005


At last, our exhibit has ended and the stuffs that belong to me are now returned. Study maid my days too busy, adding up the organizations.. Here are the layout & templates that I have to finish the EJ1 and the College of Education Men Volleyball Team begged and demanded me to make them a design for their tarpaulin. Ei, I'm getting flip right here. I promise one girl, a year younger than I, to make her a copy of my project that was shown to public during our exhibit. Many people liked my crafts and they always ask me if I could lend that artwork of mine. HmMm… let me think of that stuff first. By the way, I joined a poster making contest in our college but I didn't won. Many students really like my work because of it's uniqueness and message. It was very freethinking. But they are not the judges who were assigned to evaluate our work. My friend Macs, President of CESC who organized the said competition, told me how he liked my work and my place of ranking. I was 4th. My friends who knew the news was really disappointed how narrow-minded the judges are. I'll try to post a photo of my work here. I'll ask Macs if I could get my work and post it in my bedroom. I guess this is one of the challenges that god is always giving me everyday. There is always pressure around me but still I won't explode. I always see to it that I prove everyone wrong about me. There are academic stuffs that I still need to start on and there are some stuff that are about to be done. Finals are near coming. I just hope that I won't be having a failing grade in my transcript. I'm not looking for a LL right now. I have to focus my self on my studies first. But I'm open for friendship for starters of course.

Wednesday, September 28, 2005


HmMm... heto na ang iba sa mga pics... hindi ko pa ilalagay lahat kc hnd ko pa nakukuha yung iba. Babalik ako sa studio this Saturday at sana kasama si Aika... so here it is... Me & the Arts Department of Education Journal of the College of Education inside the University of Santo Thomas.

from left to right : Jek-Jek , Me, Sarah, Joanne

from left to right : Joanne, Sarah, Me, Jek-Jek

Btw. Got my self a brand new phone. its Sony Ericsson K700i. Thanx to my Mom and my hardwork. I promised her to give her a part of my onorarium again next time. Well, it's ok for me. This phone doesn't cost cheap you know. The Nokia 6230 is laready in the hands of my father. RJQ told me that these 2 units are just the same if to compare. They just differ to the price. To think of it, both have their own ups and downs, I just prefer to have this unit because it's brand new and I also used some of my money for it.

Tuesday, September 27, 2005

may kapalit...

Weeee... kakabigay lang nga onorarium namin at kakadating lang ng pics namin sa EJ. Yeey!!! *Sorry sa mga hindi ko malilibre kc hnd naman ganun kalaki ang sweldo ko* Isang kopya lng ng pic ang binigay for every staff kaya babalik ako sa comonwealth para magpa-re-copy. *shet ang layo! but i think it's worth of a try. Try ko rin sama bessy ko*

*To Ailexz* Wag na wag mo talag pagkakalat yun!!!!

nalaman na ni Alexz yung isa sa mga sinesekreto ko... bale 4 peepz na ang nakakaalam. Iba sa kanila, nakakhalata na pala.

Nagsimula na pala ang exhibit ng class namn. punta kayo!!! 3rd flr lobby...

Nasabi ko na kay Mama na nasakin na yung sweldo ko... bble kami mamaya ng phone para sa kanya, gamit ang money ko... Nakita na rin pala ni Mama yung exhibit dahil pinilit ko xa at nalaman nya lahat ng achievements ko for now. Dinaan ko na rin xa sa office namn at nakita nya ang message board na puno ng message para sakin. galing noh!

hindi ako matutulog ngayon kc magrereview ako para sa mga quizes mamaya kahit pagod na ako sa pag-layout ng EJ1 for this SY at sa quiz namin sa Fil3. gagawa pa pala ako ng Projects pang iba. shitness talaga... dami ginagawa... lahat ng mga natatpos kong bagay e agad na napapalitan ng panibagong pagsubok... ano pakaya ang mga dapat kong pagdaanan... sa mga ito, satingin ko nadaanan ko na ang kamatayan...

Friday, September 23, 2005

All mixed up...

Grabhe... late na ako umuwi pero nagpaalam na ako sa parents ko kc dumaan kami ng kada ko sa bahay para kunin yung ibang materials na kailangan sa exhibit namen. I stayed in school, hnd ko alam kung anong oras na kami naka-uwi kc medyo umambon tapos napasarap yung kwentuhan namen. Hnd pwede ikwento yung pinagusapan nmn kaya sayang.

When I got home, bigla akong nagutom. May pagkain pa naman para sakin kaso hindi ko gusto. So I went to Mayeths to indulge my self again. Bwahaha... kung bakit kasi hnd ako tumataba e. Nung lunch time kanina kasama ko si Alexz at si Tatz, blockmates, kumain kami sa HRM's Cafe. Nagulat sila sa dami kong kumain. Well yun lang kasi ang bisyo ko, ang lumapang.

Speaking of vises, hihinto na daw sa paninigarillo ang isa ko pang ka tropa na si Jade. *Good for you Jade, 4 thumbs up!* Smokers really turn's me off. Kahit gaano pa sila ka cute. Nah a! *pero sigura except lang sa isang taong crush ko nuon pa man na colleagues pa lang kmi, Ykee!*

Speaking of Crush, nakita ko sa Mayeths yung datio kong crush na ka barkada ng iba kong pinagtatambayan habang ako ay nasa High-school. Itago na lang natin xa sa pangalang DarwinxXx. I saw him with a Huge wound in his face. I felt sad for him kc hnd na xa makatingin sa mga tao, maslalo na sakin, dahil dun sa sigat na nakasampal sa cute nyang mukha. ANo kayang ngyari dun?

At tungkol naman sa kung ano ang nangyayari, ano kaya ang nangyayari sa isa kong friend na guy na ewan ko sa kanya!? He know from the fact na pumapatol ako sa kapwa ko, u know what I mean. And alam ng block namin na respetado syang tao dahil sa angkan nila. Medyo kinakaibigan nya ako at medyo touchy xa. minsan minamasahe nya ako without anyreason that I think for him to do that. *Pero masakit ang balikat ko nun, hnd ko alam kung pano nya nalaman* Minsan niyayakap nya ako. Minsan iniisip ko ano kaya ibigsabihin nun. Naalala ko minsan na kasama namin sya at bigla nyang nalaman na may bf ako that time at take note kung ano sabi nya "Ang Cool mo talaga, Astig, Lupet!" Iyak na lang pla ako nun... What's happening to him? Kanina nga, habang nagaayos kami ng exhibit, sinubuan ako ng chips. Niyakap nya muna ako tapos humingi xa ng chips sa classmate ko *Mr. Chips yun* tapos sinubuan ako. Arfgh! Everytime na gagawin nya yun, tinatawag ko mga kada ko kahit simpleng paghawak lang ng kamay ko. ALam ko medyo green at wierd xa pero wise, humble, king, etc. Bigla ko tuloy naalala na nakipag sagutan xa sa iba naming blockmates na babae. HmMm... bkt kaya?

Thursday, September 22, 2005

Thanx to my colleagues

I'm glad that nabawasan ang tasks ko...
Salamat kay Palanca Awarded na aking Best Fwend na si Aika for helping ,e in choosing the right clothes to buy and wear in my pictorial. Astig ka talaga Aikz!
Salamat sa aking mga blockmates na hindi ako iniiwan kapag I'm feeling wasted. Lupet ng Block namen talaga!
Salamat din sa aking mga Officemates na walang sawang pagcheer sakin everytime na pagod na ako, salamat kay ate darna sa paglibre sakin ng tokneneng at cheese dogs at sago't gulaman sa Lacson.
Whapak! ito malupit...
maraming salamat sa aking mga Magulang na walang sawang pagintindi sakin kahit itinakwil na nila ako kahit hindi nila alam... wuhuhu...
Woot woot woot... Mahal na mahal ko kayo...

So here I am again...
Wala pa rin ang sweldo kahit trinatrabaho ko na ang sususnod na issue ng EJ.
Later dayz!

BTW. hindi ako magpapaapekto sa mga walang kwentang tao... kilala nyo na sarili nyo na mga pa-pam-pam! Magsawa kayong dumaan-daan sa harap ko, tuloy nyo lang ang pagtitig... ok lang... bwahaha

Peace Out!

Tuesday, September 13, 2005


GOD! I'm boosting all my energy everyday for the work, study etc.
Got lots of things to finish, the exhibit, pictures, burning, visual aids, drawings, artworks, Photoshoots, magazines, group pictorials, clothes, hair style, yellow...
Shet! hindi na nga ako nakakasama sa mga kabarkada ko every break time because I'm spending all my time to cope up to my responsibilities.
Actually, natetempt akong hnd pumasok sa iba kong klase para na rin makapag-pahinga ako ng onti.
Tapos, after class I go straight to the office, look for a comfy spot on the couch, then I'll found my self sleeping.
Some of my colleagues told me, some of them was making fun of me while sleeping.

Wala pa akong tulog ngayon kasi I'm trying to finish some of my projects.
Kakadating lang din ng Aunt ko from Canada, sana bigyan nya ako ng kahit ano para lumuwag naman ang kalooban ko sa mga ngyayari sakin ngyn.
Money is generaly I need for now.
I'm glad that some of my reports are already done.
I have to copy some notes from my friends because I cant focus on the discusion while writing lectures unlike when I was still not busy. ARfgh!

*screams* AAhhhh!!!
I need an inspiration right now.
I had sacrifice some important events, people and things in my life already.
Darn it! I Love what I'm doing but I feel sorry for my self.

Friday, August 26, 2005

Somethin' has gone yet its developing...

Nagpaderma ako, skin peal. It almost cost me my entire week allowance. Now my skin is pealing off and if you'll see me I'm like a snake and some people say that "it's just part of your artistry, is that a props for the ELUKUSYON?" or " your like naaagnas na." wahehe to them. After a week, I'll be going back to the darma clinic to have my cleansing or facial treatment. ANd that would cost me another almost a week allowance.

Yesterday, the EJ2 for last year is already in the office and ready to be distributed. I was disapointed because the cover I made was not given the right judgement. If you'll see the mag, Its kinda dull or ordinary but If you'll see the pic in the PC its great. And the style we want was not emphasized. I was about to shout that time when they were stacking up the mags in the office. Yah, the EJ maked a progress but still there is something wrong and I'm sad about it. huhuhu

A NIghtmare about my bro, Vincent

OMG. whatta nightmare! I was shocked about what happen in my dream. We were so rich, as in filthy rich. The house was really different from our present house and there are a lot of cars outside. tatagalugin ko na lang nga!

so ayun. nagkaron ng hiyawan at tuwaan sa loob ng aming bahay ng biglang my narinig kaming sumisigaw sa labas, mga kapit bahay na nakitang nakalambitin ang kapatid kong si Vincent sa 2nd floor. dali dali akong lumabas pati si mama. nakita ko nga si vincent nakalambitin sa terace at naisit atang bumaba kaya naisip na gawin yun. malakas ang iyak ni Vincent. hindi namin alam ni mama ang dapat gawin. hinawakan ko sa paa si vincent dahil hanggang dun lamang ang abot ko sa kanya, tapos bumitaw sya. malakas ang gravitational pull kaya hindi ko nakayanana ang lakas ng pagkakahulug nya sakin kaya hindi ko naiwasan ang pagkatama ng kanyang ulo sa sahig. Napa sigaw si mama. dali kong inakay si Vincent at tinakpan ang sugat sa kanyang ulo gamit ang aking kanang kamay habang umiiyak at kalong ang aking kapatid. Tumakbo ako papunta sa mga sasakyan na dikit dikit, litiral na dikit dikit at hindi maayaos ang pagakakpark. pagpunta ko dun, biglang may pumasok na set of PC na nakalagay sa PC table at dun ako umupo.

Grabe, dun ako nagulat talaga, ang weird. bakita ako umupo sa may PC? hindi ko alam kung bakit. pagkaupo ko, nagising na ako. hindi ko na pinagpatuloy ang tulog ko sa parehas na pwesto ng akong pagkagising sa masamang panaginip dahil ayoko nang panaginipan yun. napansin kong ibang iba talaga sa pamumuhay namin ngayon ang aking panaginip. Una ang bahay pa lamang ay ibang iba. Ang terace namin ngayon ay may grils at ang nasa panaginip ay wala. Ang mga sasakyan ay bago at makikinis at malalaki, family size ika nga, subalit wala na kaming magagarang sasakyan dahil ang mga iyon ay binenta na para sa pagpapagawa ng aming bahay ngayon.

Para sa akin lamang, ayoko ng mapaginipan ulit yun. sa totoo lang, gusto kong umiyak nung pagkagising ko. Parang gusto kong yakapin ang kapatid ko nun, as in, talaga! kahit parang mahirap para sakin gawin yung dahil sutil ang batang yun pero parang magagawa ko. Kakatapos lng ng ELUKUSYON tapos bibigyan ako ng bangungot. may dapat pa nga akong tapusin na letter e. cge na ciao!

Thursday, August 25, 2005


Sawakas tapos na yung EDUKASIYAHAN hehe buti na lang ang iba sa mga inimbitahan ko. Nakarating naman ang barkada nila Aika pero I really feel sorry for the CESC counsil about the event. Hindi sinmasadya na masira ang air-conditioning ng Med-Audi pero nung dry-run bago magsimula ang EDUKASIYAHAN, gumagana pa ang air-cons.

SO ayun, nakapag sayaw na ako at marami palang nakapansin na unti-unting bumababa ang pants ko nung malapit ng matapos ang dance number, Badtrip kasi, hindi ko inaasahan na masisira ang buckle ng belt ko pero ok lng, tapos na naman at ang nasa isip ng iba ay napagod ako dahil hindi ko na nagawa yung ibang steps kasi ang totoo tinataas ko yung pants ko kaya ayun.

Bale ngayon, aayusin ko pa yung continouation ng report namin, projects sa ibat-ibang courses tulad ng sa major at ang ELUKUSYON.

ELUKUSYON, isang patimpalak para sa buwan ng wika. Ito talaga ang pinaka nakakaasar, bigla akong isinali ng coach ko sa contest na yun na gaganapin na mamaya. Monolog daw ang gagawin at pwedeng haluan ng kahit ano. Doble-kara ang gagawin ko tapos akkanta ako after ng skit. pinagdarasal ko na lng na sana hindi ko makalimutan ang mga linya ko dahil nakakahiya dahil ako ang gumawa ng gagawin ko sa contest na yun.

Well, good luck ang god bless na lang sakin.

Monday, August 22, 2005

dont let me get me...

shit... got a newly found friend. sobrang friendly nya kaya medyo - alam nyo na. e ang ganda pa ng pasok nya dahil medyo nawawala comunication namin ni mine. wag naman. ayoko pa naman makagawa ng hakbang na makakasakit sa ibang tao, saktan na ako waglang ako ang mananakit.

grabe dami kong realizations, nag open ako sa 3 kong friends tapos maganda naman reply nila sa story ko kaya ayos. salamat sa kanila dahil natulungan nila ako sa mga katanungan na napapaloob sa aking isipan.

Wednesday, August 17, 2005

knocked out!

Last sunday I was watching UAAP before going to Chowking Dapitan. I was shouting while my mom is watching the UST vs UP basketball game. the game was great. My mom was saying something about the game that I couldn't understand because the game was driving me nuts. So there, UST won. I went to pass UST going to Dapitan. When I was walking towards the Health Center, the university basketball team came and singing stuffs while inside the university ordinary bus.

After a long wait in Chowing Dapitan, we arived at my friends debut party. THe Party was a blast. Her part was a lil'bit different from the traditional debutants celebration. Her party was much better tham the formal, traditional, class A celebration. We really have fun. After the program proper, the liquors shed the place. I drank a couple of bottles of Vodka. The stand-up comdedians was the host of her party, they were driving me nuts.

After the fun, I slept in my friends house. I was shocked when I entered her house then I was shocked again when she opened her presents then I was shocked again when I entered her room then another when they showed me her wash room that was the same size, shape and volume as my bed room in my house. OMG, thats all that I did say. OMG.

When I woke up, my friends was preparing for the test and I was just lying on were I slept because my body was in pain. I didn't make any complains because the pain was really supose to be there after all that fun. When we are ariving in the UST, my friends told me that I was making noise while sleeping. I shouted, no way! maybe because I use all my exces energy last night. Then we went out.

The pain just fade away this morning, I can finally move my body freely. I can already prctice my dance well. I can finally type in some entries.

Saturday, August 13, 2005

grabe... pagod... pero ok lng

got to spend my entire day with mine. first we got messed up about where to meet. But still our date is a blast. I courted him to pasig where he live and agin meet his family. I was in their home for about 3 to 5 hours (I dont know, because being with him makes the rain stop, turn the night into day, make the time stop, etc).

I ride a bus going back in my house. I just ate my dinner and my Mom gave me her CP load. Now, got hundreds of load and more to come.

"Tiba-tiba ako nito, daming load / daming pangtext. textmates get ready" - d'anothers

I need to save and practice my voice for Iza's debut tomorrow. She wants me to sing infront of her crowd. Her Debut's theme is bohemian so we must be in a Boho attire when we arive in the place where her party will take place. I promise mine that I'll call him seconds before my portion so that he could hear me singing his favorite song. I'll dedicate that song for mine. I think my friend would understand that. hehe. 'til here.... Later dayZ~

Thursday, August 11, 2005

To you, for you and you alone.

you know your self.
you know who you are.

I'm getting tired of this. I thought you're already over with this issue but then still not yet. I have moved on and now so far from my yesterday. Hehe. I got short-term memory syndrome. You have offered your friendship that makes me think of the past has forgotten and you have already moved on. What the heck! It's almost one month and a half had passed after the day I said my goodnight. Please, I'm already tired of thinking about my past that you are digging. You want me to hate you. Sorry, I can't. I'm not the type of person who takes revenge of people who are insane. I'm happy with my life now and I prayed that you are too. If you don't have anything to blog, think of something else instead of our relationship before because that is so stupid to blog that. As I said, almost one month and a half has passed. It's not hard to accept and forget that. It's very impossible that I'm the only Love you ever wanted. What's your reason that you keep on saying things that you think would hurt me. Now, I see that you're trying to have fun with your new friends that would help you. And, that's great, good for you, congratulations! Later Dayz to you!

Btw. Belated Happy 18th Birthday to you! Just ask me about the sketch if ever you want it. It's just occupying too much space in my paper works.

you know whome I pertaining to.
you know what I'm implying
You know who you are

Wednesday, August 10, 2005


hello to you
to you who understand
mine who listens

thanx to you who is near
near that no one knows how far
mine to love
and mine who cherish

we've been hardships
summer and winter has passed by
on us, to mine
I'm ever proud

everything is tough
It was hard for you to let go
and for me in the same way

the day has come
mine, to us
you welcomed me back
and embraced my love

thank you my dearest mine
mine who love
mine to cherish
us to be proud

Tuesday, August 9, 2005

akala ko...

I never thought that saying what is real would hurt you so much. I'm not a queer who speaks shit, I'm just frank. I dont care how I say the truth, what important is I already said what is real... and from the heart

ibahin si Aika

this post is a tribute to my bessy...
I just wanna congratulate you and say my deepest appreciation sa 2 large fries and 1 large Onion rings... pati na rin sa 1 large Hi-C Apple... (bawal na kasi akong mag soft-drinks)

btw. para sa mga nagbabasa ng blog ko... Ang bessy ko ay isang astiging Palanca awardee....

Saturday, August 6, 2005

break time for now

Darn it! nagka virus PC ko... napaformat ko na kaso meron pa ata... I'm not yet sure.
dami ko panaman gustong i-share kaso nagkakaproblem nga ung PC. kapag magiinternet ako, bumabagal at nagha-hung.. Err. I'll get me e Laptop next time.

Malapit na lumabas ang ginawa kong magazine... if you want one just ask me for some details kung pano makukuha ang mag na yun... actually, right after the release of that magazine, i'll be making another magazine again. haayz. ngayon ka gumagawa ako ng test papers ng preschool namen e. Pagkatap[os na pagkatapos ko gawin ang mga test papers na ito ay sususbukan ko ng gumawa ng reviewers para sa prelim exam ko... hehe kapag hindi ako inantok...

dami ko panaman gustong gawin. magkakaron ap ng concert ang MYMP & Hale hosted by our college student counsil. Dami ko pa na realize kaya ngayon medyo nagsisisi ako pero ok lng. kaya ko to... later dayz!!!

Friday, July 29, 2005

Hoping to get in time.

mamaya ay aalis na kami patungo sa Batangas para sa aming LTST (Leadership Training Seminar & Team-Building). LAst year sumama na ako kaya sasama ulit ako dahil kakaibang experience ang LTST, Masaya, Adventure, at Challenge. SI Lei, isa sa aking mga kaibigan, ay may hinihinging mabigat na pabor. hehe. nagpapapicture ng crush nya... haayz... dont eorry Lei... I'll try.

Ngayon din nga pala ang kaarawan ni Mel. Maligayang Bati sa'yo.

Grabe... Sana umabot ako sa oras. Oras na ano? Sikreto ko na un!!!

Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Hirap talaga magpalaki ng magulang.
May pinapagawa skin si mama na kaya ko naman gawin pero mahirap at medyo madaming pagdadaanan.
Si kuya ang gumagawa nun kaso natulog sya dahil sa kalasingan kaya sakin ngayon pinapagawa.
Sinabi ko na kay mama na si kuya lang ang makakgawa nun dahil may ready program na sya para dun.
Oo, magaling akong manggaya pero sa panggagaya e hindi naman ganun kadali gaya ng natural na paggawa, madaming proseso.
I pinilit ko na kay mama na hindi ko makakaya yun gawin at pumayag na rin syang hindi ko gawin kaso medyo masama ata loob sakin.
Haay, mahirap talaga pag may mga taong pilit ng pilit at sinabi mo na ang mga bagay na pwedeng sabihin kaso wala paring awat.
Matagal na rin na ganito ang trato ng ibang tao, puro pabor at utos sa ibang tao.
Pwedeng sabihin na uto-uto ako dahil pasensyoso akong tao. Mahaba ang pasensya ko.
Ang ibang tao, medyo takot sakin dahil hindi pa daw nila akong nakikitang magalit.
Ang lahat ng galit, puot at sama ng loob ay nasa aking dibdib lamang.
Bihira lang ako maglabas nito kaya friendly at mahinahon daw ako sa lahat ng bagay.
Sa totoo lang iniiyakan ko yung mga yun. Nakakapagod na rin.
Emtional ang mga lalaki,sobra, maslalo na ako.
Hindi ako tulad ng iba. Iba na kagaya ng Iba. Ako, nagiisa lang, walang pwedeng pasahan, ako lang.

Tuesday, July 26, 2005

our college proffesors did not showed up (wierd!). because of that, I stayed in the EJ office and do some stuffs. Ten-Ten showed up before we went home and she even reveal to me her secret. (hahaha, and that's for me to keep). I was in ahurry going home because Gino and I are suppose to meet in Centerpoint before 5, but then we seen each other around passed 6. I was feeling sorry because Gino was already at our meeting place with his 2 friends before 4:30 (Sorry Gino!). We watched the movie "War of the Worlds" and that movie is very traumatic, for the people in the movie of course if the movie is real. Aika told me something about the story behind that movie. hehe, that's for me to know and for you to find out.

During our Theology class, we watched a film, "John Q" (I dont know if that is the right title). The story was very dramatic with a drop of comedy. It is a story of a family. Try to look for that movie, it's great. P.S. remember to bring a roll of tissue paper if u'll watch that movie. btw. while watching, I told 2 of my friends my deepest secret. haha Millet was really intrigued about what I told her. (haha Millet, iimbistigahan ko yun talaga)

Saturday, July 23, 2005

minus one

o glad that the GA was over. The GA was much better than last year's. Now we're preparing for the Pagent Night on Nevember because we're gonna use all the time left so that the event would be cool and great (grool~). Also, I'm glad that I have three days to work on our projects. hahaha... I just hope that the EJ staff and advicer wouldn't get mad at me because I was suppose to finish the magazine last week. ahihi. and I hope that the "panghihinayang" that I feel about representing our batch for Mr. EEd (Err... God pls. get this away from me)


OMG. Aika's layout is so awesome!!!

Tuesday, July 19, 2005

No sweat

OMG. Thanks God I survived the Nationals. Whyew! Melo and I were always back and forth to the pool, to train and warp up dahil hindi sapat yung training namin last week. Ok lang naman kahit hnd kami nanalo ni Melo at Joseph kasi kilala nanaman namin yung makakalaban namin, na masmabilis talaga sila kaysa samin. I'm just glad that was over kaso nga lang here I am once again. I'm facing lots of jobs to accomplish, first, the General Assembly of our Organization. I was suppose to be the Mr. EES of our batch but I refuse to because I know that it's just a waist of time if I'll compete with much beautiful guys than I. It's much better if I help my co-officers in our Organization to prepare things for the said event. Second, the EJ, Dr. Espiritu is already checking the second draft of my layout and we are trying to rush things now because the EJ issue is already late. I'm just glad now that my colleagues are always there to support my legs whenever I'm suppose to collapse. I just hope that I wont overlook my academics. 

Free Image Hosting at Free Image Hosting at


Above are thumbnails of the invitations I made for the VIPs of our GA. 

btw. I saw Mr. Whabbit agin on their class, English 101b.

Sunday, July 17, 2005

It's getting into my nerves!!!

Just a few more hours my team is going to meet before 5:30 am near the UST-swimming pool and ride Raymonds Van. Ahhh!!! Can't belive this but, after these few more hours, I'm competing with other Swimming Organizations on the Nationals. Ahhh!!! I just hope that the other swimmers are much slow than me. I just had a 2 hours training last wednsday night. I hope it's enough.

I finished the Education Journal, UST-College of Education official publication, our college mag. I just hope that the college would like it if they already see it. It's not as great or well done like what Nyl did on the first issue. Ahhh!!! Right after the work, I went back to the EJ office and ordered Mc-Do meals because I havn't eat my since friday night. I was really feeling dizzy and very hungry. Then I helped on cleaning up the office.

Ahhh!!! I had a crush in our college and my friend, Millet, saw my crush in our college smoking out side UST, gate on the right of our bldg., Lacson. Ahhh!!! turn-off (period)

Dear God, I already told you that I dont want to step into priesthood. I dont want to answer your call. I know that you know that my batteries are getting low but I have a charger for it. whoever you are, Pls. dont get the things that help me not to. I would be much thankful. -Vonne

Saturday, July 16, 2005

which one is it!?

These pictures are the same. The picture on left is colored and on the right is otherwise. They are taken just last Tuesday night. These photos are for to change my picture in our, near give of (?), high school yearbook. Err... Why our yearbook is not yet in our hands? Don't ask me! I'm just a kid on his 2nd year in college life. These pictures are not that expensive because I don't have any make-up and hairstyle, enough money to pay an artist or stylist, not like the picture was suppose to be used.

Free Image Hosting at Free Image Hosting at

Which one is much better?

Thursday, July 14, 2005

on the rush...

Our team is going to compete representing our college in the nationals. The Competition will start this sunday and we are going to leave manila at around 5:00 am and when we finally arive in Rizal complex, we'll start exercisising our body. Actually, Our training just started this afternoon and we really need to prepare our selves for that swimming competetion. When I was still warming up I was already exhausted and tired. I just wish that we'll be able to win. Melo, Joseph and I watched the UST-volleyball training after our swim and went home 8:00 pm

There are many first year student in our college and I notice only one really atractive kid because of the killer smile he's wearing and the style of his hair. I dont know what to do. I just want to know his name and his program and also his section.

Picture above is taken in Cafe while making this blog.

Adding up t this Topic is I have a report on my Rizal course. Our prof. was absent the whole week after she gave me that report. Right aftyer that day I already make my report. I borrowed several books from the central Library. I'm really prepared in my report. Now that my prof. showed up, I'm already tired but I don't want my work to be wasted. What I really dont want is that I'm going to make my reaport next week and not on our next meeting because we are going to have a long quiz. Err.

I just rememebered that I took some shots of my self for our highschool year book. Err. They lost my graduation picture. I hate them. Worst, they lost the entire file and starting all over again. What the F*ck!? The Shots was nice but I'm not really sure if they would accept it because the backround is wrong. Hmm. to think of it, they should accept it because I have nothing to do about that problem. I dont have enough money to have another picture taken and on the first place I already have my picture and they need to accept my recent picture or else I would return my year book to NS if they would not place the pics. Who are them to scare me!

Monday, July 11, 2005


bakit ganun... ang sakit... ouch!
sana hindi ko nalang nalaman...
ang sakit pala pag may isang tao kang mahal mo na pala na iniisip-isip mo gabi-gabi ay may kasama na palang ibang kayakap.
kainis no? badtrip talaga.
sana hindi ko nalng sya nakilala.
kaya pala hindi sya ganun ka interesado sakin kasi may pinagkakainteresan na pala syang iba.
bakit, ano ab meron dun sa taong yun, tao nga ba...!?
ang liit-liit lng naman ng crush ko. hnd ko nga lubos maisip na my papataol dun kundi ako.
pinagtawan na nga sya ng iba kong friends e, pero hindi nila alam na crush ko yun. Err...
ano ba meron dun...?
Law student, matalinoba sya? bakit, matalino din naman ako a.
DLSU lng sya nagaaral kc mayaman. pucha, compare mo nman sa ganda ng eskwelahan e hamak na masmaganda ang USTe. syaka masmaganda diba kapag nasa isang campus lang kayo?
higit sa lahat modelo! ano ba meron sa mga modelo?
sige, wag ka magalala... someday...
u'll see me walking on a platform wearing human or bench designs of clothing or onesimus perhaps... (vonne, mangarap ka namna ng masmalaki pa)
hahaha... who am I fooling!? but remember this... someday, someday!

maturity unplanned

Isang madaling araw bago ako lumabas ng bahay para punta sa pinakamalapit na cafe nagiwan ako ng note sa gilid ng pinto na "don't lock the door, Bonn is outside for something urgent!" Bago ako lumabas, lumabas si mama kaya sinabi ko na sakanya na kylangan kong punta sa cafe. Ayaw na nya ako palabasin, sabi ko sa kanya na sira ang internet acces ko sa PC kaya kylangan kong lumabas kaya wag nyong ilo-lock ung pinto. So nag-intenet ako sa labas. Pagbalik ko sa bahay, naka lock ang pinto. I was wondering, naintindihan ba ni mama yung sinabi ko. I was so upset and disapointed.

Bago kami umuwi ni Aika pauwi, may sinabi sakin si Aika na napapansin nya na nagiging conscious na sya sa sarili nya (umaarte). Hahaha! go! Ang aking matalik na kaibigan ay nagiging ganap na babae na. Cheers!

Friday, July 8, 2005

I cried my self...

A lot of people were crying today, i just noticed.

Aika and I went to the Mall. I bought the gift that I'll give to my friend, Angel. After that we went down to the super-market to buy 2 poultries. When you enter the Grocery proper, there are 4 ladies greeting costumers.
They are saying this...

"goodevening sir, welcome to SM SUpermarket"
"Shopping basket po, for your convenience"
"Enjoy your shopping!!!"

-- I really did enjoy on that one.

It has been a very long time since I last cried watching MMK (Maalaala Mo Kaya). The Story was about a lady who was abused at first then she became a prostitute and then became a baby maker at the later part of the story. After that a loving mother at last came out.

I cried during Chona(Main char-played by Rica Paralejo) and the boy, who opened her eyes, were saying their goodbyes and the boy promise to look for Chona and his, suppos to be, sister in Chona's womb someday. I also cried when Chona was looking for her baby when the "Casa" was on fire. The moment was really emotional. There was one line that I remembered, "Anak... ayokong pagsisishan na naginga naka kita, kaya ko giangawa ito dahil ayokong pagsisishan na naging ina mo ako..." said Chona to her daughter. That line is so deep and heavy. It really sinked down in me. I found my self "tulala" tahat moment.

Tuesday, July 5, 2005


Kagabi pa ako windang na windang...
kala ko this day would be fine
kala ko I would wakke up at the right side of the bed
Pumasok akong umuulan at tuliro.
wala ang propesor namin s aming unang klase pero nakapagbigay sya ng seatwork!
Sinabi na, i have 2nd thoughts last night to bring the research papers I've made for that class.
Badtrip! hindi ko dinala...
So there was I, sotted on the black and clean arm chair infront of my fellas.
Nahihiya naman ako sa mga classmates ko na maki-share sa mga ginagawa nila kahit buklod-buklod na sila.
I think it's a punishment or lesson for me.
Sigh. I'll make use of the sylabus na nga lang...
I went out of the room and some asked me why am I not working on th seatwork.
I said "I'm trying this new thing, not being a parasite on other peoples work."

Sunday, July 3, 2005

Sorry, Love

To Mel,

    Sana nalang pala hindi kita kinausap sa mIRC. Sana hindi nalang kita nakilala at minahal para hindi kita nasaktan ng ganito. Hindi ko gustong masaktan kita. Hindi ko gustong mahalin mo ako ng sobra sobra. Sorry for the plans that we have made. The Family, UK, little Bon and little Mel. I'm sorry, I'm really sorry. I know "Sorry" is just easy to say but not for me. There are millions of people out there who deserves to be loved by you. Not me. I've been crying since I broke up with you because I don't really know what to do. I'm sorry if I lied to you. I'm so stupid that I've done that to you. I'm sorry for I used my mother and about the phone and internet. I'm sorry for my excuses. I'm sorry for your concerns. I'm sorry kung hindi pa ako umiinom ng gamot. Kung pwede ko lang sana sabihin sayo ang lahat. At, kung maiintindihan mo lang sana. Hindi ko kailangan ang iba, hindi ko sinasabing maghahanap ako ng iba. Ayoko lang ng may naghihintay sakin dahil ayokong rin na naghihintay o pinaghihintay. I hate my self more than the hate I feel for those people making other people wait. I have love you Mel. I already told you my reason, the real reason why I/we need to part ways and I'm not coming back ever. Maybe if we are really meant for each other, magkikita ulit tayo, destiny knows. One last thing, from the heart which you have ocupied all this time, THANK YOU...

So this is goodbye, for the 2nd time.

Sincerely yours, Bonn

Saturday, July 2, 2005

The Gig

I was with Aika this afternoon. My Family left me home alone. I don't know where they went. So there, Aika pulled me to SM Manila to watch a Gig. We ate first in KFC because the mini-concert would start at 4:00 pm as told by a guy, from the stage area on 5th flr, which is wrong because it started at around pass 4:30. So there we were sited on the blue bench at the back. The view was nice, not that far and not that near from the stage. Cambio was the first band to perform and they totally rock!!! Diego Mapa is so cute. I like his hair and green shirt. Crush ko na nga sya e. Badtrip lang kc parang sinasabi nya sakin na dapat hindi na lang ako nagpagupit. So much about diego. I notice Epi used his cellphone for the vibration effect several times on his guitar that was so kwel. After Cambio, Diego Introduced the next band which is Imago. Diego is so funny. The last song that Imago played was one of Aika's fave songs. The song rocked the place and Aia rocked it away. She was wild, as in. I She was dancing like crazy. After watching the gig, we went to Greenwich because Aika will buy some food to take home. While waiting, I saw Diego went to the CR and went down after. I shouted his name but I think he never heard me. Well, that's ok. The next time I'll meet them, I already have a copy of their album and see my self talking to him while signing the CD. Hahaha (evil laugh)

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I and Aika | Diego       


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Epi and his Effect | Strip dancer, Aia

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more details on Aika's page.

Friday, July 1, 2005

What's with this!?

Haayz... This song was what I used to hear during our conversation. Now that he is gone away from me, it turns out that this song is what I want to sing for him. In school, Minai told me somethinmg about how this song is realated to her right now. Actually, Minai and I shares the same emotion. We doesnt know what to do next. So her it is, I give it away.

Stay by Cueshe

I believe
We shouldn"t let the moment pass us by
Life"s too short
We shouldn"t wait for the water to run dry

Think about it
Cause we only have one shot at destiny
All im asking
Could it be possibly you and me?

So if you"d still go, ill understand
Would you give me something just to hold on to
And if youll stay, ill hold your hand
Cause im truly madly, crazily in love with you

Time has come
For us to go our separate ways
God forbid
But my mind is going crazy today

I feel so cold
Feel so numb
Im having nightmares but im awake
Help me Lord
Fight this loneliness
Take this pain away

(Repeat Chorus)

Now that you"re gone, im all alone
im still hoping that you would come back home
dont care how long, but im willing to wait
cause im truly madly crazily in love with you

Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Naman, naman, naman...

Yesterday was so awfully out of place. Things happen very fast.
With just a blink of an eye, decisions are made easy and emotions have set aside.
Now, I dont know what I'm suppose to do or where to place my self.
I was very sick yesterday, very ill from an uncertain disease.
I was calmed when Vonn called but then we talked over the phone and hunged up things clueless.
I dont know if his mad at me, I just hope not.
I've decided not to sleep 'coz of the load of work to be done.
Unfortunately, exactly 7:00 am, I fell to sleep.
That's the reason why I didnt attend my EDUC 202A class for the Second time.

To be continued... 11:30 am

7:55 pm
My body is so weird, so is I.
The 3 hours sleep is enough to sustain the energy I need to attend my classes.
But it is not good enough for me to carry on this hardship I'm going through.
I have read his letter for me and I cant stand to just make things just fade away every seconds that elapse.
Err... I just hate my self right now!
I'm so stupid. A stupid connection of bones and skin who just happen to know how to walk and talk.
I'm the one who is stupid. Not you Vonn, not you. It's me.
I think, I need someone like you right now until I cant cry and sob anymore.
Err... why do this things need to happen, Why!?
Is this the test that I have to solve to be able to be on the Editorial Board?
Auh! why now? why on me? I'm not complaining...
If I have to face this to prove my self worthy, then so be it!
Even if i have to risk things thats worth my life.

Monday, June 27, 2005

Bakit pa?

Ano ba itong nararamdaman ko?
Bakit ito bumalik at ngayo'y may daladalang dahilan kung bakit.
Ngunit ito'y matagal nang napawi sa kakahintay
At ngayo’y ginugulo ang aking mga gunita.

Ayokong may masaktan.
Kung ako lang sana ngunit may madadamay pang isa.
Minahal ko na sya at ayokong masaktan sya.
Bakit ka pa bumalik.

Bakit kailangan ay may dahilan na kay bigat
Hindi ko alam kung ano ang aking gagawin
Dapat ko bang yakapin ang pagkakataong ito?
Subalik hindi ko pa sigurado kung ikaw ba ay totoo.

Tumawag sya
Tila nawala ang nararamdaman ko para sa kanya
Bakit mo inagaw sa kanya?

Minahal kita noon ngunit hindi ka nagparamdam
Ni hindi mo nga naramdaman na minahal pala kita.
At ngayon, sasabihin mong
Hinintay mo ako nuon.

Sana dati mo pa yan sinabi
Ngayon ako'y nagdadalawang isip
Bata pa nga talaga tayo nuon
Pero bakit kailangan ngayon pa?

Thursday, June 16, 2005

Funk Me Part 2

patay na ako(perid)

Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Funk Me!

grabe first day of school ko.
well, actually second. kasi pumasok ako sa school kahit alam kong walang pasok nung lunes... hehe. gum,awa ako ng EJ2 tapos bumisista ako sa educ... grabe daming tao.

So, ngayon talaga ang first day of school.
hindi ako nakapsok ng aking first course. kaasar. at si MEl hindi ko na nakatagpo. Err...
kasi ganito un...
Hindi ako natulog last night. Kinaumagahan nagpatulong sakin si mama.
First class ko 12:nn, nakatulog ako ng 9:am.
Dali-dali akong naligo dahil 30 mins na lang e 2nd class ko na.
Nakaaabot pa naman ako sa 2nd class ko.

So ano nangyari.
Well, pagpasok ko sa classroom, kung saan hindi kami aalis sa aming inuupuan upto 5:pm, hiyawan ang mga tao. Hindi ko alam kung bakit.
Bago ako makaupo sa aking upuan e, kinuhaan muna ako ng mga agaw na litrato. hehe.
Ang mga katanungan na aking nasagi... Ano nangyari sayo? Bonn, kaw b yan? New look? Bakit ganyan ang hair mo? Nagpakulay ka? Rockista ka pala? Nagbibinata? Hindi kita nakilala, kaw b yan?
Sagot ko naman, It's my natural hair color and it's just plane me, nothing's changed.
Nagustuhan nila ang bago kong Image.
Kahapon nakasalubong ko si Camil of CESC-PRO gumagawa ng freedom boards at sinalubong nya ako ng... "nice hair..."
Ang ikinagulat ko naman sa mga prof. namin at blockmates e "I like ur hair!!!"
So enough said about being a stud.

Hindi nga ako nakapasok ng first class which is Logic.
World Geo. na, Si Mrs. Anatali fulhensio-MeNez ang prof namin. Sya din ang prof. namin sa Phil. Hist. Last 1st semester.
Ang pinaka nagustuhan ko this Day is MEECE at Psy2A... haha saya.
Adviser namin last year ang prof namin sa MEECE, Ms. Jill Javelosa at si Ms. Ria Sorita naman sa Psy2A.
Non-stop halakhakan sa loob ng classroom.
Then, Rizal Course. ANAK NG BOOGIE!!!
Andami kagad research work, tama ba yun?
Lahat kami nakasched ngayon para pumunta sa Library dahil sa Rizal at nagiwan din pala ng work ung Logic namin. Arfgh!!!
Btw. tuwang tuwa friend ko dahil crush nya classmate namin, hahaha...

Tuesday, June 14, 2005

click my pets

my pet!

my pet!

Monday, June 13, 2005


Haay naku.. nagbago na ako ng web-template. Masaya ako dahil ako ang may gawa. Inyong mapapansin na ito ay may halintulad sa blog ni Aika. Tama, naisisp kong baguhin ang aking layout at gawin itong simple, katulad ng kay Aika.

Habang ginagawa ko ang layout na ito ay kumakain ako. Iyang nasa litrato ang aking kinakain. Habang kinakain ay iniisip kong Bacon ang aking kinakain (tawa). actually hindi pa ako kumakain ng hapunan sa oras na iyon at lagpas midnight na ng ako'y kumain. pagkatapos kumain, ako ay hindi nasayahan. lumabas ako at bumili ng Buy 1 take 1 na Hamburger (hindi kathang isip, tunay na hamburger) at isang bote ng Pop Cola. Sarap! (patawad Mel, hini ko mapigilin ang aking sarili na kumain ng "Junk Foods" patawad)

Malapit ng mag-alas kwatro ng madaling araw. aalis ap ako mamaya para ayusin ang EJ2 kasama si Nyl. sana matapos na iyon. Sige, matutulog na ako sa aking higaan. Antok na antok na ako. ciao.

bago makatulog, bow

gusto ko ng matulog,
sa aking higaan at isipin ang aking minamahal.
ipagdarasal sa ating maykapal
ang kaligtasan at kaligayahan niya.

mahal ko s'ya
sa akin s'ya ang mahalag
s'ya ang aking saya
ang nagpapasikat ng araw sa aking mga mata

gabi-gabing iniisip ang iyong mukha
ang panaginip na yakap ka.
ang halik na nais maramdaman
bago matulog sa aking higaan.

Sunday, June 12, 2005

the comedy after the horror

Ito ang produkto ng Vonne na ayaw matulog dahil sa takot. Well, pinanood ko yung shutter with my eldest brother. Kaasar. Tama bang manggulat. Kasi nmn po sobrang freaky. Ngayon lng ako ulit natakot ng ganito. Salamat kay Mel ko at binigyan nya ako ng warning na nakakatakot talaga yung movie. Dahil nga sa medyo natatakot na ako e 2 days na rin naman ako na puro tulog kaya I decided na wag nalang matulog... hehe

May part dun sa movie na nakakatawa. Napahalakhak ako. Kung taong mababa ang humor ang makakapanood nun at medyo sensitive, wag nalng nya panoorin yung part na yun.

Dahil nga sa ayaw kong matulog, naginternet na lang ako kasi nagahahnap ako ng bagong idea para sa bagong layout ng blog ko. May mga nakita akong magaganda pero mahirap gayahin. Habang nagahhanap ako, inistorbo ako nila Abu, Patrick at Bryan. Aaliwin daw nila ako sa webcam. Well, naaliw nga naman talaga ako dahil sa kung anu-ano ang mga pinaggagagawa nila. Actually maynakuha akong shot sa Cam kaso tinatamad akong i-upload e. hehe... Saying nakakatawa pa nmn yun... ahihi.

Oo nga pala... e2 ung ginawa ko habang walang magawa... hehe Wala ngang magawa e pero may ginawa... har har har.

Image hosted by

Image hosted by

Saturday, June 11, 2005

the new bench advertisment

Image hosted by

HAR ... HAR ... HAR

Saturday, June 4, 2005

Ano na ba nangyari sakin kamakailan?

Well, masaya na ako dahil nakilala ko si Mel.

Kanina, kasama ko si Aika pumunta sa Recto para bumili ng mga libro ng aking mga kapatid.
Pagkatapos nun ay kumain kami sa Ministop tapos bumili ng "Super Worms" para sa aking
alagang Isda. Inabutan kami ng ulan kya umuwi kaming medyo basa.

Kamakailan, kasama ko si Aika manood ng pelikula. Pinanood namin ang "House of Wax" at
kahapon, pagkatapos ng aking enrollment, pinanood namin ang "Madagascar" kasama si Deanna.
Pagkauwi ay nag-text si Abu kay Aika at nagyayaya na manuod sa Huwebes ng "Shutter." Baka
sumama aq kasama si Mel ngunit tila sa araw na yun ay may gagawin siya sa aming paaralang
pinapasukan ukol sa kanyang uniporme.

Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Aksidente, pano kpag naka recover ka na?

So she said what's the problem baby, What's the problem I don't know
Well maybe I'm in love (love), Think about it every time
I think about it, Can't stop thinking 'bout it

How much longer will it take to cure this
Just to cure it cause I can't ignore it if it's love (love)
Makes me wanna turn around and face me but I don't know nothing 'bout love

Come on, come on, Turn a little faster
Come on, come on, The world will follow after
Come on, come on, Cause everybody's after love

So I said I'm a snowball running
Running down into the spring that's coming all this love
Melting under blue skies, Belting out sunlight, Shimmering love

Well baby I surrender, To the strawberry ice cream, Never ever end of all this love
Well I didn't mean to do it, But there's no escaping your love

These lines of lightning, Mean we're never alone, Never alone, no, no

Come on, Come on, Move a little closer
Come on, Come on, I want to hear you whisper
Come on, Come on, Settle down inside my love

Come on, come on, Jump a little higher
Come on, come on, If you feel a little lighter
Come on, come on, We were once Upon a time in love

We're accidentally in love, Accidentally in love (x7)


I'm In Love, I'm in Love, I'm in Love, I'm in Love,
I'm in Love, I'm in Love, Accidentally (X 2)

Come on, come on, Spin a little tighter
Come on, come on, And the world's a little brighter
Come on, come on, Just get yourself inside her

Love ...I'm in love

Saturday, May 28, 2005


How far will you go for Love?
yan ang tanong na iniwan ng pilikulang ito sa manu-nuod.

I went to Video-City to rent some movies, nakikita ko na dati pa ang case ng movie na to.
Naiintriga aq kya ko xa hiniram. Hindi ko alam na Gay Movie pala xa. Una kasi akala ko
may halo yun pla buong-buo. Well, maganda sya. Cliche and story pero binigyan ng twist.
Nakakatuwa pa nga kasi my kapangalan ako tapos nandun din ang pangalan ng ex ko, Cris.
Sabi dun, lahat ng Cris psycho. Oo Psycho ex ko pero ang Cris dun sa story hindi ako
makakapayag na tawaging psycho dahil mahirap talaga ang buhay na ibinigay sakanya.

Marami sa mundo ang hindi makapagmahal dahil ayaw nilang masaktan at ang iba hindi talaga
alam kung pano ito gagawin. how far will you go for Love? Some say's that they would do
anything kahit pa masaktan just to experience Love. E bakit ako, nagmamahal ako pero
lagi din nasasaktan kahit walang ginagawang masama. Tama ba yun? Haayz... Andaming Irony
sa buhay ng tao. The movie is about relationships at may nabanggit about Faithfulness and
Loyalty, linya ni Cris, hindi daw ito option. Tama, ngunit subalit bagamat at datapwat,
bakit mo tatawaging may pagmamahal ang isang relasyon kung wala itong faith, trust,
loyalty at higit sa lahat ay Love? Sabi ni Cris sa bestfriend nya before the movie ended
"kung akaw ang nasa kalagayan ko, would you have done the same thing?" Ako OO. Isang
malaking OO. pero may aalisin ako at yun ang pagiging tanga, gago, puta, stupido at ang
higit sa lahat, ang hindi ko pa ginagawa at hindi gagawin pa, ay ang makipag talik sa
4001 na tao. Sa 4001 na tao kya na nakasex ni cris sa buhay nya ilang beses kya bawat tao?
haay... ayaw ko ng malaman pa.

OO nga pala, badtrip ung CD, sa 2nd disc at malapit nang mag 40 mins, napuputol.
Oy, hindi po ito pirated, hiniram ko nga po sa Video City.
Eer.. get to spend all summer in School working on something important using a computer, spend my money renting movies that I could watch on my Conmputer and communicating other people using a computer. Thank God there are computer everywhere, where I can stick my face the whole vacation time.

Eer.. Bad Hair Day

I just hate this day. Why? You got it! its my hair. I'm trying to have this Mohawk look and I just cant do it. I think My hair is long enough for that type of style. I cant have this Bedroom look forever. Darn hair. Actualy, I dont really fix my hair because I use to have a short length of hear, clean look. I dont know why the hair is very important in societies now a days. Even me, I added the hair as one of my clasifications for the special person I'm looking for. Haay, what I know is that I can still look clean even with a little length of hair. I just hope that Fr. Roy, College of Education Rector-UST, doesn't notice me or else I have to sacrifice this...

Friday, May 27, 2005

Buti pa sila...

hay nako... buti pa sila Vonn my pasok na,
kami sa June 3 pa ang enrollment at June 13 naman ang pasukan. haayz...
Pumupunta nga aq sa USTe, hindi para magaaral, para tapusin ang EJ(College Mag)... hayun... nagpapasalamat na lamang ako kay AIka dahil tinutulungan nya aq...
kamusta na kaya yung iba kong dapat kasama sa paggawa? alam ko my trabaho na ang iba
sa kanila ngunit hindi naman tama na iwanan sa akin ang pasanin... Pagdating ko sa
bahay, pagkagaling sa UST-Publication House, nag-iinternet na lamang aq... minsan,
buti na lang at online si Martin at nakakusap ko
tuwing wala na talaga aq magawa... ayoko naman ikulong ang sarili ko sa kwarto...
maslalo na ngayon na nagkaron na ako ng kasama... hay... kailangan ko pang linisin
ang kwarto ko para sa makakasama ko dun... sige... lilinisin ko muna ang aking kwarto...

Thursday, May 26, 2005

Yakap ng Martir

Simula pagkabata magkakasama na kami nila Regine at Martin kaya kilala na namin ang
isat-isa. Si Martin, ang taong mahilig magtago ng nararamdaman ngunit alam ko na mahal
niya si Regine, ayaw lang niya ipakita at alam ko na alam din niya na magkaribal kami.
Maganda si Regine, mabait, madaling mahulog sa pagibig at alam niyang mahal namin siya.

Bakasyon, nagkayayaan kaming pumunta sa Puerto Galera.
Pagkadating duon, namasyal kami at kumain.
Pumunta kami sa aming cottage na magkakahawak kamay at si Regine ang nasa gitna.
Binuksan ko ang TV at umupo kaming magkakatabi sa sofa at si Regine parin ang nasa
gitna at ako naman ay nasa kanan.
Napansin kong iba na ang kinikilos ni Martin, lagi na niyang binabantayan si Regine.
Nakita kong hinalikan ni Martin si Regine sa labi at gayun din naman si Regine kaya
ako ay napatayo at naglakad patungo sa aking kwarto.
Hinabol ako at tinawag ni Regine bago makapasok sa kwarto.

"Patawad, hindi ko sinasadya." Sabi ni Regine sa aking harapan habang ako ay nasa may
pinto ng kwarto.

"Naiintindihan ko." Aking sinabi.
"Ganyan ka naman lagi, lagi mong alam, lagi mong naiintindihan. Galit ka ba?"
"hindi naman maiiwasan na magalit ang isang tao dahil sa nakita nya, at sa tabi pa na.."
"Patawad, hindi ko sinasadya"

Tumigil ang oras. Hindi ko man maiwasan na magselos at mainis sa ginawa ni Martin,
magkaibigan pa rin kami at ganun nmn talaga ang magkaribal diba.

"nasaloob lang ako ng kwarto" pumasok na ako sa loob ng kwarto ngunit hindi ko sinara
ang pinto.
Rinig ko sa loob ng kwarto na naguusap silang dalawa ngunit hindi ko maintindihan.
Mya mya pumasok sa kwarto ko si Regine.
Nagusap kaming nakatayo.

"Regine mahal na mahal kita matagal na" sabi ko.
"Mahal din ako ni Martin at alam mo yun Jerry"
"OO alam ko yun ngunit ang hindi ko alam ay kung sino ba saaming dalawa ang mahal mo"
"Hindi ko alam, parehas na kayong napamahal sa akin ni Martin at ayaw kong mawala kayo
sa akin"
"Kahit kailan hindi ako mawawala sa tabi mo, alam kong hnd naman ako kagwapuhan tulad
ni Martin. Kung sa pagmamahal, ibahin mo ako, hindi ako tulad ng ibang tao na puro
tawag ng laman ang inaasikaso sa isang relasyon."
"Alam ko at lagi ka na lng nagpaparaya, masmahal kita Jerry at hindi na ako
magpapaliguy-ligoy pa" hinawakan ni Regine ang aking pisngi at hinalikan ako sa labi.
Niyakap ko sya.

Humikab si Regine.
"pagod ka na, oras na para matulog. Ayaw kong magkaron ka ng guhit sa mukha"
Ngiti naman si Regine at niyakap nya ako ng mahigpit.
Tiningnan ko ang maamo nyang mukha at nakatulog na sya.

Magkatabi kaming natulog, ni Regine habang ako’y yakap, sa aking kama at sa aming pagtulog ay naramdaman kong may nakatayo at nakatingin sa amin.
Minulat ko ang aking mga mata at nakita ko si Martin, nakatayo lang.

"O, madaling araw na, bakit gising ka pa?" tanong ko.
Inayos ni Martin ang nakabalot na kumot sa amin ni Regine.
Inabot ko ang aking kamay at hinawakan nya ito.
"salamat" sabi ko.
Ngumiti si Martin ngunit kita ko sa kanyang mga mata ang kanyang nararamdamang pagkabigo.
"sige na, matulog ka na. pupunta na ako sa aking kwarto." sabi nya.
Bumalik na ako sa aking pagtulog.

Comercial muna tayo...

"O, madaling araw na, bakit gising ka pa?" tanong ko.
Inayos ni Martin ang nakabalot na kumot sa amin ni Regine.
Inabot ko ang aking kamay at hinawakan nya ito.
"salamat" sabi ko.
Ngumiti si Martin ngunit kita ko sa kanyang mga mata ang kanyang nararamdamang pagkabigo.
"sige na, matulog ka na. pupunta na ako sa aking kwarto." sabi nya.
Bumalik na ako sa aking pagtulog.

Kinagabihan, bumili ng dalawang case ng Beer si Martin at nagyaya ng inuman.
Nagkantahan kami at kung anu-anong pinagkwentuhan tungkol sa aming nakaraan nuong kami
ay mga bata pa.
Konti pa lang ang aking naiinom di tulad ni Martin na medyo lasing na.
Si Regine naman ay tulog na sa tabi ko.

"Salamat ulit Martin" sabi ko.
"Wala yun, matagal mo nanamang nililigawan yang si Regine natin. Alam ko mas-sasaya
sya sayo."
Ngumiti ako. Halata parin na mahal na mahal din pala ni Martin si Regine.

Nagising si Regine dahil sa aming tawanan at biruan.
Lasing na kami ni Martin ngunit siya ay nagwawala na. Iba na ang itsura ni Martin.

"Uy, itigil nyo na yan, lasing na kayo. Martin tingnan mo yang itsura mo" sabi ni Regine.
"Uy concern sakin si Regine. Bakit papaliguan mo ba ako?" sabi ni Martin habang
papalapit ang kanyang mukha sa pisngi ni Regine.
"Martin, tama na yan!" sigaw ko bago pa mabastos si Regine sa harap ko.
Inakbayan ni Martin si Regine. Bakas sa mukha ni Regine na ayaw na nya ang nagyayari.
Tumayo ako at hinila ko patayo si Martin "Sige na, tama na to. Matulog na tayo"
Sinuntok ako ni Martin. "Regine tabi naman tayo ha!?" sabi nya.

Alam kong mahal pa ni Martin si Regine kahit papaano, ngunit hindi ko na kaya ang pambabastos nya kahit kaibigan ko pa sya.
Sumisigaw si Regine.
Sinuntok ko si Martin at gumanti sya kaya ako bumagsak sa sahig.
Kinuha ni Martin ang kutsilyo sa lamesa.
Tumayo si Regine na umiiyak at hinalikan si Martin. Napaluha ako. Hindi ko alam
kung bakit.
Tumilapon at bumagsak sa akin si Regine. Niyakap ko sya at naramdaman ko ang dugo
sa kanyang tagiliran at ang pagsaksak sa akin sa likuran.
Kaya ko pang tumayo, nakita ko si Martin na nakatayo at tulala habang nakaharap sa
kanya ang kanyang duguan na kamay.
Kinarga ko si Regine patungo sa labas.

Nagising na lang ako na nakahiga sa kwarto ng ospital.
Walang tao kundi ako lang. Tumayo ako at nakita ko si Regine naglalakad patungo
sa akin, umiiyak.
Tumagos siya sa akin at hinalikan ang aking naiwan na katawan sa kama.
Pinilit kong mayakap si Regine. At sinabi nya na "Jerry, nararamdam ko."
Wala ng balita kay Martin simula nuon.

Tuesday, May 24, 2005

nanyari today

Gumising aq ng 9:00 am para makapag ayos dahil sa pictorial ng EES.
Pumunta na aq sa UST-Educ pav.
Akala q late na ako, hnd pla.
Sabay kming dumating ni Ate Pia, kami plang ang nandun.
Habang nandun isa-isang dumating at pinauusapan nila ang kanilang uniform at kami nmn nila Kieshia at Celine ay naguusap tungkol sa kung anu-ano na pumasok sa isipan.
Pinahiram aq ni Kieshia ng Lip-Balm, mint yung lasa, sarap.
Nakita ko pa si Ivann Chavez, Schoolm8 dati, tourism ang kinuha sa UST.
So nandun na ang lahat pero nakaupo prin kami sa pav kc akala ni Helen wala pa si Ate Joy.
Haayz, cute tlga ni Helen.
So pumunta na kami sa Lovers Lane para maghanap ng magandang spot.
Konting picture lang ang nakuha dahil naglow-bat yung cam, kya cellphone na lng ang gnamit.
Nagusap-usap na rin kmi tungkol sa mga plans for the rest of the school year.
Sobrang daming plano at kailangan qng gumawa ng logo of the org para sa badges na ipamimigay.
While we where talking, my dumating na guy na nagbebenta ng sweets for his studies.
So bumili aq ng dalwang pack, nakakaawa nmn kasi yung guy.

Lunch time na.
Uwian na, kmi nalang nila Kieshia at Celine, hinihintay nmn si Martin.
1:00 pm.
Akala ni Kieshia nandun na si Martin, so umalis na aq.
Malapit na aq sa gate, nakita q si Martin papasok plang ng UST.

Sunday, May 22, 2005

a touch of pink, perfect

Aika and I went to Roxas Blvd to get some fresh air(?) and to bend some muscles. People there was looking at me because of what I was wearing for my bottom. Well, I let them see my legs (hehe) because my shorts are itching me off, very iritating. Before going home, We dropped by at the "chinese garden," It was my first time.

When I got home, I unpacked my things and ate my left-overs in my bed and fallen into sleep. I woke up and watched some of the videos I rented. My mom asked me a favor, good thing I'm about to return one of the videos.

When I got home, I played the movie I rented the day before yesterday, Touch of Pink. It is really awesome. It has a story that I think any one can relate. well, espesialy those peeps who are still inside the closet. hay! not me, mine is half opened, LOL. NOw I'm kinda depressed, and pls. dont ask why.

Monday, May 16, 2005

The Amazing Race between these people.

Well... while watching the replay telecast of
"The Amazing Race 4," I was really comfortable on watching it again not
until our maid came.
She was so Loud and "Lipat mo naman sa Channel 12, dali
na... dun ka na lng sa loob ng kwarto manood!?"
To think that she wants me to, Arfgh...
And I was so to my self "And who the hell are you!?"
My mom doesn't really like the working strategy of Marlyn, our maid and I really
don't like her attitude.
I just didn't speak to her because I don’t want to make a scandal to my own house.
While watching...
I really feel great because Reichen and Chip, Two gay man married couple had won the race.
Here is one of their wedding picture-shots.
O how I really wish that god will give me the chance to be married to the person I really love like what happen to this two gay-guys.
Aw, their really cute. LOL
To think that their relationship ended before the show even hit TV.
But they have both found Love again.

So there I was Laying on the floor on the battle with our maid.
How I wish to be deaf that time like the deaf dancers of china who are really
great at their dance tradition and critical steps.
I saw them on CNN.
During practice/rehersals, they put their hands to the Speakers and feel the vibration to memorize their steps.
You really missed a part of your life if you haven't seen that dance.
Even the TV host was amazed on them.
Also, how I wish to be amazed to our maid even just for once.

btw. saw this picture on the net... and this
about Raichen and Chips... ENJOY

Image hosted by

Sunday, May 15, 2005

Have I made a mistake?

I posted last 26th of May, Cuaresma: Taboo," I said something about the Palaspas. And I said that It doesn’t have any powers.

I watched the program “Wag Kukurap.” To make the story short, the thing they use to defeat the bad spirit is to hit it 7 times by the use of the Palaspas. Wow! Am I wrong on my belief or it is just a make up story. Well, the story they use is from a book, "True Philippine ghost stories," which some of the stories is really unbelievable and untrue.

Before watching "Wag Kukurap" I am watching the hit horror docu-drama series, "Nginig." They are already showing the finalist of their contest and I felt very stupid. I was planning to pass my drawing to that contest and I didn't because I was too lazy to go to recto to make a notary public. Err. I know that the works that I see on the TV is really good but I know I even have a chance to win 3rd place. Err. My Mom was really supportive to me about joining contests. If only I am not timid. Err. Just Err.

It did give me the creeps

I was watching TV this after noon and they cut of the advertisement and preview a music video by one of the finalist in “The search for the star in a million” entitled "I will be here tonight."
While watching the music video, I felt some kind of a little weird.
It previews a church and all the things inside.
I suddenly remember the time that we went to Baclaran and I didn't sit with my parents and I just sit out side the shrine.
I ask my self why I'm feeling this shiver inside.
So I stand up and walk to the back of the room to avoid that feeling.

I saw my brother, then he asked me if we could get the spider's eggs off the concrete ceiling.
We will feed the spider eggs to my pet fish I looked up and saw the almond shape eggs that is larger that a prune glued in the ceiling.
I told my brother that he should didn't tell me about that, I walk straight ahead and leave my brother.
Arfgh! It really creeps me off.
I know that I really like insects a lot and I wanted to be an Entomologist when I was still in high school but this feeling is very different from before, when I was still catching insects during summer in the province.
My god, the eggs are so huge and really different from the eggs of the spiders that I already seen before. Err.

Saturday, May 14, 2005

I'll die because of craving for sweets

Your Deadly Sins

Gluttony: 80%

Greed: 80%

Envy: 60%

Sloth: 60%

Lust: 40%

Pride: 40%

Wrath: 20%

Chance You'll Go to Hell: 54%

You'll die from a diabetic coma.

Enzo's Wacked up Life : his Boulevard

I'm already tired...
Glad I'm done working...
All things that you see in my site is all done by me, Enzo.
I use all my time, imagination, energy
yesterday in working on this site.
I just hope that my Readers would understand the idea I'am portraying.

I'm already tired...
I'll just go to bed and when I wake up this afternood I'll post all the things that happend yesterday.

Peace Out!

Thursday, May 12, 2005


I'm into a new gimmick...
I'm not going to tell you further more about it today.
I'm already tired, been awake all day.
I'm going to sleep now.


Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Another karma

I blogged this just to content my self that I did something progressive while I'm awake.

A promise broken...

Told Aika that once I see him again, I'm gonna talk to him straight, before this day.
So there he was, already in front of me.
I texted Aika and she did not reply, she never did.
I don't know what to do.
He was different. He was changed.
He is not wearing his white cap. Guess that's the reason why he’s using a white hair band.
I did all my best for him to notice me but it was no use.
He stands up and walk away, again like before...
The time will come, You.

Time for dinner.
Mom and Dad were on the table talking.
I saw a bottle of Coke shining bright before my eyes.
Mom told me right away that she forbids me to drink another carbonated drink then they stand up for I'm about to eat my meal.
I think twice, am I going to drink the cola or not?
The urge was flowing through my veins.
I know that that drink is just for me. For it belonged to me.
Yes, I drank the whole bottle of coke, even the doctor told me not to drink another drop.
I was never alone. I was with my coke.
Then I suffered.

I thought I would never sleep again late.
I never din because I didn't sleep.
But I was fulfilled. Why?
I thought I would never get the chance to talk to him.
I was online this morning all the time.
Without prior warning, I got the chance to chat with the person I was been looking for.
Hey you! I know you! Yes, you are!
And now I am going to sleep with the punishments of karma.

Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Seems to be

Guys... I'm really sorry if you think that I don't have time left for you or that you are already being forgotten. Ei. I'm still Enzo whom you known before, just became a little too occupied of the works that was left to me in school and in my home. I hope you wont misunderstood the things I'm doing. I'm telling you, these things are very hard and I'm just thankful that my thin body still can make it through the hardships. If you only know the risk I'm taking just to finish things up easily.

I'm sorry for making you upset. Hey, it's still me... Hope you understand now that you are not the only person around me that is feeling like that.

People, I'm really sorry. Hope you now understand. Please don't feel bad about me. I know you already think that I really changed a lot. You're wrong; it's the hairstyle that only changed in me. Don't Worry, the Enzo you know will be back asap. It's because he is also missin you guys.

To my classmates, I'll hug you when I see you in our enrollment...

Liberated Me

Darn that...
2 days after using a nivea facial scrub... zits showed up...
err... I hate it...
Now I'm gonna lock my self inside my house for a whole week...
I don't like people see me with red spots in my face...
I'm not that vain, actually I don't even care what people say about me...
I don't care if my friends have a lot of this red spots in their face but in my situation, I know that I'm not that goodlooking...

The generation we have right now, people get easily attracted to ones physical appearance.
They have standards those themselves only know.
And I need to look clean and be clean inside as well because I my self is guilty on that. I can't tell people that I'm beautiful inside... there's too many of them.
I'm not saying that I have to be like them its just that I'm trying to be a martyr no more in a way that the phrase "people should like me for who and what I am, love me as I am" didn't exist in my vocabulary.

Ei, I have crushes too you know...

It's still me. Same old Bonn, just becoming liberated.
Throwing expensive beauty products that is actually not compatible with my delicate skin (after using)... hehe...

ywan* it's time for my beauty sleep...
Peace out!

Monday, May 9, 2005

I'm already Dead

Admit it... you like my blog... hehe
I'm the one who made all of this and now i'm really hungry.
I told vhon that I wont eat dinner until this template is finished.
err... I accidentaly locked my door, the food is inside and my stomack is grouling...
I just hope that my ulcer wont atack me... haayz...
I would like to thank my big(?) brother for lending me his book and some ideas...
also Nyl, he gave me the idea on how my blog would look like...
2 and a half hours left and the sun would pop out...
I'm sorry for the mis-spelled word, Yesterfay...
It's not easy making a background you know...
Ok time for me to rest...
Later DayzZz...

No Vacation for Mr. I'm Busy


June is coming fast and my blog is still not updated about my "vacation"

Actually I didn't went away from my home for vacation
Well, except for the Team bldg of EJ...


That Team bldg was really fun... I got the chance to get close to our new staff...
Thanks to the Bobby who made the event fruitful. It's really awesome.
My Team, Yuri Chi-Karina Teri-Enzo... won 1st place for the cooking challenge...
Haha, my plating is unbeatable... hu! Beat that. If only I could upload the picture...
BTW... Congratualtions to the other winners and Yuri and Karina, nice working with you...


The other days that has pass was mainly on working...

Tsk Tsk...

I'm working on our College Mag and I promised some of my friends that I would give them a copy... Hope that I could give a copy before July starts... Thanx to Aika. I think I could finish the Layouting before 2nd week of June...


I wonder what will happen next school year? I just hope that my professor in Eng 101B didn't make-up stories in front of the Dean... hahaha... Good Luck to me... FYI, my dumb proffesor gave me an INC as my grade... err... I think she should give up work because of her age...

Aww... I miss my fellas... I'm really sorry for not even texting you guys... you know, I'm busy... busy on hunting ---- ehem.

Ok... Time for me to go back to my work..
Well, maybe after finishing the template of this blog...