Friday, July 29, 2005

Hoping to get in time.

mamaya ay aalis na kami patungo sa Batangas para sa aming LTST (Leadership Training Seminar & Team-Building). LAst year sumama na ako kaya sasama ulit ako dahil kakaibang experience ang LTST, Masaya, Adventure, at Challenge. SI Lei, isa sa aking mga kaibigan, ay may hinihinging mabigat na pabor. hehe. nagpapapicture ng crush nya... haayz... dont eorry Lei... I'll try.

Ngayon din nga pala ang kaarawan ni Mel. Maligayang Bati sa'yo.

Grabe... Sana umabot ako sa oras. Oras na ano? Sikreto ko na un!!!

Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Hirap talaga magpalaki ng magulang.
May pinapagawa skin si mama na kaya ko naman gawin pero mahirap at medyo madaming pagdadaanan.
Si kuya ang gumagawa nun kaso natulog sya dahil sa kalasingan kaya sakin ngayon pinapagawa.
Sinabi ko na kay mama na si kuya lang ang makakgawa nun dahil may ready program na sya para dun.
Oo, magaling akong manggaya pero sa panggagaya e hindi naman ganun kadali gaya ng natural na paggawa, madaming proseso.
I pinilit ko na kay mama na hindi ko makakaya yun gawin at pumayag na rin syang hindi ko gawin kaso medyo masama ata loob sakin.
Haay, mahirap talaga pag may mga taong pilit ng pilit at sinabi mo na ang mga bagay na pwedeng sabihin kaso wala paring awat.
Matagal na rin na ganito ang trato ng ibang tao, puro pabor at utos sa ibang tao.
Pwedeng sabihin na uto-uto ako dahil pasensyoso akong tao. Mahaba ang pasensya ko.
Ang ibang tao, medyo takot sakin dahil hindi pa daw nila akong nakikitang magalit.
Ang lahat ng galit, puot at sama ng loob ay nasa aking dibdib lamang.
Bihira lang ako maglabas nito kaya friendly at mahinahon daw ako sa lahat ng bagay.
Sa totoo lang iniiyakan ko yung mga yun. Nakakapagod na rin.
Emtional ang mga lalaki,sobra, maslalo na ako.
Hindi ako tulad ng iba. Iba na kagaya ng Iba. Ako, nagiisa lang, walang pwedeng pasahan, ako lang.

Tuesday, July 26, 2005

our college proffesors did not showed up (wierd!). because of that, I stayed in the EJ office and do some stuffs. Ten-Ten showed up before we went home and she even reveal to me her secret. (hahaha, and that's for me to keep). I was in ahurry going home because Gino and I are suppose to meet in Centerpoint before 5, but then we seen each other around passed 6. I was feeling sorry because Gino was already at our meeting place with his 2 friends before 4:30 (Sorry Gino!). We watched the movie "War of the Worlds" and that movie is very traumatic, for the people in the movie of course if the movie is real. Aika told me something about the story behind that movie. hehe, that's for me to know and for you to find out.

During our Theology class, we watched a film, "John Q" (I dont know if that is the right title). The story was very dramatic with a drop of comedy. It is a story of a family. Try to look for that movie, it's great. P.S. remember to bring a roll of tissue paper if u'll watch that movie. btw. while watching, I told 2 of my friends my deepest secret. haha Millet was really intrigued about what I told her. (haha Millet, iimbistigahan ko yun talaga)

Saturday, July 23, 2005

minus one

o glad that the GA was over. The GA was much better than last year's. Now we're preparing for the Pagent Night on Nevember because we're gonna use all the time left so that the event would be cool and great (grool~). Also, I'm glad that I have three days to work on our projects. hahaha... I just hope that the EJ staff and advicer wouldn't get mad at me because I was suppose to finish the magazine last week. ahihi. and I hope that the "panghihinayang" that I feel about representing our batch for Mr. EEd (Err... God pls. get this away from me)


OMG. Aika's layout is so awesome!!!

Tuesday, July 19, 2005

No sweat

OMG. Thanks God I survived the Nationals. Whyew! Melo and I were always back and forth to the pool, to train and warp up dahil hindi sapat yung training namin last week. Ok lang naman kahit hnd kami nanalo ni Melo at Joseph kasi kilala nanaman namin yung makakalaban namin, na masmabilis talaga sila kaysa samin. I'm just glad that was over kaso nga lang here I am once again. I'm facing lots of jobs to accomplish, first, the General Assembly of our Organization. I was suppose to be the Mr. EES of our batch but I refuse to because I know that it's just a waist of time if I'll compete with much beautiful guys than I. It's much better if I help my co-officers in our Organization to prepare things for the said event. Second, the EJ, Dr. Espiritu is already checking the second draft of my layout and we are trying to rush things now because the EJ issue is already late. I'm just glad now that my colleagues are always there to support my legs whenever I'm suppose to collapse. I just hope that I wont overlook my academics. 

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Above are thumbnails of the invitations I made for the VIPs of our GA. 

btw. I saw Mr. Whabbit agin on their class, English 101b.

Sunday, July 17, 2005

It's getting into my nerves!!!

Just a few more hours my team is going to meet before 5:30 am near the UST-swimming pool and ride Raymonds Van. Ahhh!!! Can't belive this but, after these few more hours, I'm competing with other Swimming Organizations on the Nationals. Ahhh!!! I just hope that the other swimmers are much slow than me. I just had a 2 hours training last wednsday night. I hope it's enough.

I finished the Education Journal, UST-College of Education official publication, our college mag. I just hope that the college would like it if they already see it. It's not as great or well done like what Nyl did on the first issue. Ahhh!!! Right after the work, I went back to the EJ office and ordered Mc-Do meals because I havn't eat my since friday night. I was really feeling dizzy and very hungry. Then I helped on cleaning up the office.

Ahhh!!! I had a crush in our college and my friend, Millet, saw my crush in our college smoking out side UST, gate on the right of our bldg., Lacson. Ahhh!!! turn-off (period)

Dear God, I already told you that I dont want to step into priesthood. I dont want to answer your call. I know that you know that my batteries are getting low but I have a charger for it. whoever you are, Pls. dont get the things that help me not to. I would be much thankful. -Vonne

Saturday, July 16, 2005

which one is it!?

These pictures are the same. The picture on left is colored and on the right is otherwise. They are taken just last Tuesday night. These photos are for to change my picture in our, near give of (?), high school yearbook. Err... Why our yearbook is not yet in our hands? Don't ask me! I'm just a kid on his 2nd year in college life. These pictures are not that expensive because I don't have any make-up and hairstyle, enough money to pay an artist or stylist, not like the picture was suppose to be used.

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Which one is much better?

Thursday, July 14, 2005

on the rush...

Our team is going to compete representing our college in the nationals. The Competition will start this sunday and we are going to leave manila at around 5:00 am and when we finally arive in Rizal complex, we'll start exercisising our body. Actually, Our training just started this afternoon and we really need to prepare our selves for that swimming competetion. When I was still warming up I was already exhausted and tired. I just wish that we'll be able to win. Melo, Joseph and I watched the UST-volleyball training after our swim and went home 8:00 pm

There are many first year student in our college and I notice only one really atractive kid because of the killer smile he's wearing and the style of his hair. I dont know what to do. I just want to know his name and his program and also his section.

Picture above is taken in Cafe while making this blog.

Adding up t this Topic is I have a report on my Rizal course. Our prof. was absent the whole week after she gave me that report. Right aftyer that day I already make my report. I borrowed several books from the central Library. I'm really prepared in my report. Now that my prof. showed up, I'm already tired but I don't want my work to be wasted. What I really dont want is that I'm going to make my reaport next week and not on our next meeting because we are going to have a long quiz. Err.

I just rememebered that I took some shots of my self for our highschool year book. Err. They lost my graduation picture. I hate them. Worst, they lost the entire file and starting all over again. What the F*ck!? The Shots was nice but I'm not really sure if they would accept it because the backround is wrong. Hmm. to think of it, they should accept it because I have nothing to do about that problem. I dont have enough money to have another picture taken and on the first place I already have my picture and they need to accept my recent picture or else I would return my year book to NS if they would not place the pics. Who are them to scare me!

Monday, July 11, 2005


bakit ganun... ang sakit... ouch!
sana hindi ko nalang nalaman...
ang sakit pala pag may isang tao kang mahal mo na pala na iniisip-isip mo gabi-gabi ay may kasama na palang ibang kayakap.
kainis no? badtrip talaga.
sana hindi ko nalng sya nakilala.
kaya pala hindi sya ganun ka interesado sakin kasi may pinagkakainteresan na pala syang iba.
bakit, ano ab meron dun sa taong yun, tao nga ba...!?
ang liit-liit lng naman ng crush ko. hnd ko nga lubos maisip na my papataol dun kundi ako.
pinagtawan na nga sya ng iba kong friends e, pero hindi nila alam na crush ko yun. Err...
ano ba meron dun...?
Law student, matalinoba sya? bakit, matalino din naman ako a.
DLSU lng sya nagaaral kc mayaman. pucha, compare mo nman sa ganda ng eskwelahan e hamak na masmaganda ang USTe. syaka masmaganda diba kapag nasa isang campus lang kayo?
higit sa lahat modelo! ano ba meron sa mga modelo?
sige, wag ka magalala... someday...
u'll see me walking on a platform wearing human or bench designs of clothing or onesimus perhaps... (vonne, mangarap ka namna ng masmalaki pa)
hahaha... who am I fooling!? but remember this... someday, someday!

maturity unplanned

Isang madaling araw bago ako lumabas ng bahay para punta sa pinakamalapit na cafe nagiwan ako ng note sa gilid ng pinto na "don't lock the door, Bonn is outside for something urgent!" Bago ako lumabas, lumabas si mama kaya sinabi ko na sakanya na kylangan kong punta sa cafe. Ayaw na nya ako palabasin, sabi ko sa kanya na sira ang internet acces ko sa PC kaya kylangan kong lumabas kaya wag nyong ilo-lock ung pinto. So nag-intenet ako sa labas. Pagbalik ko sa bahay, naka lock ang pinto. I was wondering, naintindihan ba ni mama yung sinabi ko. I was so upset and disapointed.

Bago kami umuwi ni Aika pauwi, may sinabi sakin si Aika na napapansin nya na nagiging conscious na sya sa sarili nya (umaarte). Hahaha! go! Ang aking matalik na kaibigan ay nagiging ganap na babae na. Cheers!

Friday, July 8, 2005

I cried my self...

A lot of people were crying today, i just noticed.

Aika and I went to the Mall. I bought the gift that I'll give to my friend, Angel. After that we went down to the super-market to buy 2 poultries. When you enter the Grocery proper, there are 4 ladies greeting costumers.
They are saying this...

"goodevening sir, welcome to SM SUpermarket"
"Shopping basket po, for your convenience"
"Enjoy your shopping!!!"

-- I really did enjoy on that one.

It has been a very long time since I last cried watching MMK (Maalaala Mo Kaya). The Story was about a lady who was abused at first then she became a prostitute and then became a baby maker at the later part of the story. After that a loving mother at last came out.

I cried during Chona(Main char-played by Rica Paralejo) and the boy, who opened her eyes, were saying their goodbyes and the boy promise to look for Chona and his, suppos to be, sister in Chona's womb someday. I also cried when Chona was looking for her baby when the "Casa" was on fire. The moment was really emotional. There was one line that I remembered, "Anak... ayokong pagsisishan na naginga naka kita, kaya ko giangawa ito dahil ayokong pagsisishan na naging ina mo ako..." said Chona to her daughter. That line is so deep and heavy. It really sinked down in me. I found my self "tulala" tahat moment.

Tuesday, July 5, 2005


Kagabi pa ako windang na windang...
kala ko this day would be fine
kala ko I would wakke up at the right side of the bed
Pumasok akong umuulan at tuliro.
wala ang propesor namin s aming unang klase pero nakapagbigay sya ng seatwork!
Sinabi na, i have 2nd thoughts last night to bring the research papers I've made for that class.
Badtrip! hindi ko dinala...
So there was I, sotted on the black and clean arm chair infront of my fellas.
Nahihiya naman ako sa mga classmates ko na maki-share sa mga ginagawa nila kahit buklod-buklod na sila.
I think it's a punishment or lesson for me.
Sigh. I'll make use of the sylabus na nga lang...
I went out of the room and some asked me why am I not working on th seatwork.
I said "I'm trying this new thing, not being a parasite on other peoples work."

Sunday, July 3, 2005

Sorry, Love

To Mel,

    Sana nalang pala hindi kita kinausap sa mIRC. Sana hindi nalang kita nakilala at minahal para hindi kita nasaktan ng ganito. Hindi ko gustong masaktan kita. Hindi ko gustong mahalin mo ako ng sobra sobra. Sorry for the plans that we have made. The Family, UK, little Bon and little Mel. I'm sorry, I'm really sorry. I know "Sorry" is just easy to say but not for me. There are millions of people out there who deserves to be loved by you. Not me. I've been crying since I broke up with you because I don't really know what to do. I'm sorry if I lied to you. I'm so stupid that I've done that to you. I'm sorry for I used my mother and about the phone and internet. I'm sorry for my excuses. I'm sorry for your concerns. I'm sorry kung hindi pa ako umiinom ng gamot. Kung pwede ko lang sana sabihin sayo ang lahat. At, kung maiintindihan mo lang sana. Hindi ko kailangan ang iba, hindi ko sinasabing maghahanap ako ng iba. Ayoko lang ng may naghihintay sakin dahil ayokong rin na naghihintay o pinaghihintay. I hate my self more than the hate I feel for those people making other people wait. I have love you Mel. I already told you my reason, the real reason why I/we need to part ways and I'm not coming back ever. Maybe if we are really meant for each other, magkikita ulit tayo, destiny knows. One last thing, from the heart which you have ocupied all this time, THANK YOU...

So this is goodbye, for the 2nd time.

Sincerely yours, Bonn

Saturday, July 2, 2005

The Gig

I was with Aika this afternoon. My Family left me home alone. I don't know where they went. So there, Aika pulled me to SM Manila to watch a Gig. We ate first in KFC because the mini-concert would start at 4:00 pm as told by a guy, from the stage area on 5th flr, which is wrong because it started at around pass 4:30. So there we were sited on the blue bench at the back. The view was nice, not that far and not that near from the stage. Cambio was the first band to perform and they totally rock!!! Diego Mapa is so cute. I like his hair and green shirt. Crush ko na nga sya e. Badtrip lang kc parang sinasabi nya sakin na dapat hindi na lang ako nagpagupit. So much about diego. I notice Epi used his cellphone for the vibration effect several times on his guitar that was so kwel. After Cambio, Diego Introduced the next band which is Imago. Diego is so funny. The last song that Imago played was one of Aika's fave songs. The song rocked the place and Aia rocked it away. She was wild, as in. I She was dancing like crazy. After watching the gig, we went to Greenwich because Aika will buy some food to take home. While waiting, I saw Diego went to the CR and went down after. I shouted his name but I think he never heard me. Well, that's ok. The next time I'll meet them, I already have a copy of their album and see my self talking to him while signing the CD. Hahaha (evil laugh)

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I and Aika | Diego       


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Epi and his Effect | Strip dancer, Aia

More Photos

more details on Aika's page.

Friday, July 1, 2005

What's with this!?

Haayz... This song was what I used to hear during our conversation. Now that he is gone away from me, it turns out that this song is what I want to sing for him. In school, Minai told me somethinmg about how this song is realated to her right now. Actually, Minai and I shares the same emotion. We doesnt know what to do next. So her it is, I give it away.

Stay by Cueshe

I believe
We shouldn"t let the moment pass us by
Life"s too short
We shouldn"t wait for the water to run dry

Think about it
Cause we only have one shot at destiny
All im asking
Could it be possibly you and me?

So if you"d still go, ill understand
Would you give me something just to hold on to
And if youll stay, ill hold your hand
Cause im truly madly, crazily in love with you

Time has come
For us to go our separate ways
God forbid
But my mind is going crazy today

I feel so cold
Feel so numb
Im having nightmares but im awake
Help me Lord
Fight this loneliness
Take this pain away

(Repeat Chorus)

Now that you"re gone, im all alone
im still hoping that you would come back home
dont care how long, but im willing to wait
cause im truly madly crazily in love with you