Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Bading! Bading! Bading!

Everyone was late but it's ok. 4 people we're already having fun in the swimming pool even the sun is at its peek. The ambiance is different from before.

The word of the night is bading. The party was great and exhausting.
I don't know how but we had continues flow of cigarettes, soda drink and liquor. Most of us were really drunk. I was drunk too but I was able to slow everything down. I even took several video clips of what happened. I drank beer, tequila, gin, brandy and vodka. Most of us were craving for menthol cigarette. Speaking of cigars, I hated what happened. My image to my classmates were changed (again). I confess, I use to smoke because of presure but I stop it when I was in 3rd year high school.

The fun is amazing and revealing. The party animals were united again and we danced on the swimming pool like the day wont end. After the party, lots of crying happened. I stayed awake until 3:30 am to comfort my friend, Kish. I felt the emotions and sacrifices she did for her ex-boyfriend, a monkey (just kidding, it's Martin Mijares). I was embracing her while she cries and vomit beside the pool. I was also there while she took a bath. I asked her friend Anna to take a bath with us and help Kish when something happen. (Hey! I'm still considered as a boy that's why I should not be there alone.) When I was about to sleep, Angel ("takas") fell down in front of me. I was shocked because I didn't know what to do. I thought everyone was already sleeping. Gladly she woke after she fell and able to drink water then she went to her room and sleep again.

When I woke up, that's the time I felt that I was drunk. I'm having a hang-over. I watched the videos in my phone and I was shocked that when I'm drunk, I can be who ever I dont wanna be. I was BADING...

The pictures will soon be online, sorry for the inconvenience. It's just that my body is aching.
I still need to change the size of the pictures.
I'm still broke, I need money for Chinee's birthday and our barkada outing.

My Dad wants me to move to our new house even it is not yet fully furnished. He also wants me to bring the PC when I'm prepared to leave. I'll be moving out next week...

Too excited for the first fun out

2 days ago, I was doing something when my Mom interrupts me. She told me that their still something to finish and print. Ok, so finish it, finish it fast, I said.
"You’ll be the one to do it"
"Me? Ok where is t?"
"Just type this… and that… and print it after"
Then I was already printing it and the printer where out of ink so I shouted "Mom! We're out of ink"
"Just print it outside" my mom replied.
It was almost 12-midnight already when went outside to look for an available computer shop. My sister was with me because she supposed to treat me a chocolate ice cream. I can't believe it. I was with my annoying sister. Hay, you can't blame me,

You scream, I scream, every loves Ice cream…

Then we found one. At the window of the shop, I saw Romeos cousin. I didn't know what to do if I'll enter the shop or my sister will be the one to enter and do the job. Luckily, my sister said "mahal dyan!" So I rapidly walk across the street.

We're about to go to Ministop for the ice cream. When I was going to the freezer, I saw Rea's, old friend and schoolmate who lost her pathway, parents in front of me. It was my first time seeing her Dad. "OMG, I'm wearing our school PE short, they might recognize me. What I'm gonna do?" said to my self. I just walk in front of them and pretend that I don't know them.

There I was in the freezer, looking for my ice cream, and my sister said "wag na lang, and mahal pala" Grrr… she's really annoying! I thought she just wasted my time but not really. We’re about to get out of the store, I saw Rea's cute brother. I stared at him and I notice that he's wearing our elementary PE shorts (We studied in the same school, NS). I saw him stared at me knowing I wearing UST's PE short then he looked at somewhere because he saw me starring at him. I now know how poor and ashamed they are. I always see Rea's family, they're always smiling. I thought of Rea for a moment about what she had done to her life, their life. Then I feel sorry.

I was not able because Mic'a wants to play with me. I was amazed, dogs can actually think and make strategies.

April 20, 21, 22, 23, 27, 28, 29 & 30
7:30 pm at the new PETA THEATER CENTER
Sunnyside Drive, Bgy. Kristong Hari,E. Rodriguez Ave, QC
(at the back of Quezon City Sports Club)
Call Tanghalang Pilipino at 8323661
text 09166687316

I was not able to buy the soundtrack, I hope my parents will give me th greens hehe... I need to memorize the song sang by Ada & Zsazsa while talking to his father

Sunday, March 26, 2006


ahhh!!! know what!?
Tinanong ako ng Dad q kung bading ba ako, last night. Nawala ako sa sarili ko!!!
Tapos heto pang site ko... hnd ko pa maiayos-ayos...
I'll be out of town pa bukas and I'm not yet prepared...

This is the picture you'll see in the home part...

Free Image Hosting at

I should finish everything after chinees debut.
and, i still need to learn to use brushes. hope Best Friend Aika will help me. and besides, I'm just using Adobe 6.0. Yah I know! I'm primitive. Alexz sez 7.0 is way better than the CS. I just need to have 7.0 and some brushes and I'm ready to learn.
Pls. do make a commet about my new template. I'll be changing this page soon. I just need ideas and forget about envying others work.

Later dayz!

Friday, March 24, 2006

On the Heat!

Whew! The school year fnally ends. Now I got the time to sleep but this just means that I got no allowance. tsk tsk tsk... I wasn't able to save money beacuse of hunger and bills to pay. So, maga-advance na lang ako ng subjects. hehe para naman kahit papano may pera ako kahit pa mahirap ang course na kukunin ko.

Speaking of summer! I officialy opened summer awhile ago when my barkada was on ther review for the ECCPP exam. I was coloring a part of my hand with marking pens. I used green, pink and orange colors and I use my blag pen to outline the image. I draw 3 maple leaves and jazed it up around. Whala! instand removable tatoo. I know it shows a three maple leaf but i still think it's summer, we dont have autumn season here!

Free Image Hosting at

also, I'll be out of town on
March 27-28 : Antipolo with some classmates, "class outing"
April 01 : Cavite / Las PiƱas, Chinee's 18th birtday
April 02 - 04: Bulacan with barkada

After a few rest, I'll be focusing my attention in finishing our the "The Crest Haven," compilation of artworks and literary works. Victorian ang gagamitin kong theme. I know its a bit far from the title of the compilation and the dominican priest might see the 'crest' that we are pertaining to the bumps at the butt of the victorian haha. I was inspired to work harder on everything I do because I found several blogs that really made me cry. Now, I should finish my degre in UST then I'll jump to DLSU to take an Art Program that fits me. Here they are Robbie, Paul, Kneeko, Mark (i hope its ok for these people to see their names at my entry post).

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

I cant take this anymore!

Pagkatapos kong magblog at umuwi, nagparamdam si Meo. kinausap ko xa pero hnd din naman nagtagal ang conversation kaya SMS na lng. I'm really going crazy already. bukod sa puyat na ako, hnd ko pa alam ang tamang gawin. Kaya dineretso ko nalang si Meo at Bee.

Meo and I
Meo: ...
Vaughne: Ei, sori kung l8 reply q. Kakabasa ko lng. I was thinking of yu few minutes ago. I dont know kung mahal na kita or kung mahal pa b kita. Habang nagrereview ka for ur exams i met som1, nagkakamabutihan na kmi tulad natin nun. Minsan naman naiisip ko ex q. Nahahati ako sa 3 ngyn. hnd ko alm kung bkt p kylangan mangyari 2. iniisip q, i should live my life alone para wala ng masaktan. Namimis ko company mo xaka yakap mo nun. Hnd ko na alam gagawin ko q o may dapat b akong gawin kc tinatamad na aq sa mga nangyayari skn. Mahbang usapin kung kkwento ko p. ='(
Vaughne: Wala kang ginawang masama. Aq yung masama. MAdali akong magsawa pero bumabalik din naman. Alam ko na nagiging player na aq pero hnd q matanggap. I hate players kya kinamumuhian ko na rin sarili ko kahit hnd ko kasalan o ginusto. Kinukwento kita minsan kay Beej, ung nakilala q. Hnd ko alam kung pano ko maaayos lahat ng mga nangyayari sakin. kung pwd lang sana...
Meo: Meron ka na ngayon? kung mahal m ung ex mo at ung bago mo ngayon ayos langsaken.. Maghihintay na lang aq. Ayoko din po na mkagulo pa sayo o dumagdag pa sa mga iniisip mo... Miss na miss kita.. Kaso bigla ka na lng hindi nagparamdam kaya inisip ko ayaw mo na saken.. Ako wala pa din akong relationship ngayo at binigyan m n aq ng rason para d ulet muna magmahal..
Vaughne: ZzZzZz
Meo: Siguro nga sawa ka na. Nagsawa ka na agad sakn.. Pero ok lang un.. Miss q din ung yakap mo... Kelan ulet kaya kita mayayakap? Napakacold mo na saken eh...
Vaughne: zZzZzZ
Meo: I love you.. kakagising ko lang po... I love you.. I miss you
Vaughne: Halikan kita dyan e.

Bee and I
Vaughne: Bee may problem aq. Mahal mo'ko, mahal kita pero mahal q rin x romeo, mahal na nya din ako. Hnd ko alm ddwin ko, dami ko ng problem ngayon ='( Nagiging player nako pero hnd ko matanggap. I hate players kaya I hate my self. hindi ko na lam gagawin ko. Mabuti na alam mo 2 upang malaman mo na wala akong tinatago. Magkaibang-magkaiba kayo pero parehas ko kayong mahal. Do i have to choos? Nahhrapan nako kaya tinatamad na ako sa buhay ko. Tel me ur side. Hindi ko na lam tlaga. Nagiging cold nako sa lahat ng tao kahit sa aso namen. Minsan hindi na kita maintindihan sa pagiging sensitive mo hnd mo alam kung ano ibig ipahiwatig nga tao. But stil m trying not to give up on you. Natatakot na nga ako e. you told me na sana ako na husband mo pero everything turns to be much harder for me to see. Nahihirapan na rin akong sabayan ka. Mahirap pa ako sa daga. You also tld me before na hnd ako desrving for you. I'm trying bee, m trying. Hnd nga kita ma give up dahil mahal kita. Sana hindi masira araw mo kagaya ng sakn ngayon. Sobrang hirap ng esam ko pero hnd ako nakakapagaral, magtetest akong walang alam. Ang dami kong problemang walang sagot. Sana maintindihan mo at matulungan ako kung alam mo ang mga sinasabi mo sakin.
Bee: I know its hard but we have to decide. we have been into a long run. I think we better separate ways =( mas nauna sya kya u prioritize him. Lam ko sa simula pa lang e u have dat feelings na. that's y i realy cant fall on u kc nararamdaman kang u still have the communication kahit sinasabi mong wala talaga and its over. i better be out of ur way para walang maguluhan, for us to be settled, I guess we're not meant to be. Just think the fact na hindi tayo magkakilala. Agen, I'l go away para wla ng conflict. tnx for everything =) I'l miss u . dont wori m ok. i hope we made the ryt decision. pagbutihin mo sa exams and so do i. god bless.
Vaughne: zZzZzZz
Vaughne: (gusto ko sanang magreply...) Pano kaya na magiging tayo e self-centered ka. u really cant trust me do u? sinabi ko na ngang more than 2 weeks na kaming hnd naguusap ni Romeo ayaw mo maniwala! Honest ako honest! wala akong tinatago, hnd ako marunong magtago bee. masmabuti na ngang hnd maging tayo, we can't push our self to.

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Paking shet!

Kainis, ang dami na ng mga nangyari sakin at wala akong motivation. Final exam na rin namin pero here I am, not holding even a single leaf of a book. Wala talaga akong kwentang magaaral.

About my Final exams, hnd ako nakapagtest sa ETAR kc hnd pa ako nagbayad agad. The dominicans wont let me take the exam. I already have the check and I flont it infront of my teacher but he still wont let me take the exam. I ran to the accounting office and the line was Whow! so I got nothing to do but stay in the line kahit pa gutom na giutom nako. Buti naman mabilis yung paggalw-galaw ng mga treasurer.

Zsazsa Zaturnnah.. hu! nanood na kami ni Aika kasma si Dean mh ZsaZsa Zaturnnah ze Muzikal. Astig ang show. Ang galing ni Eula Valdes xaka ni Agot Ysidro xaka ng gumanap na Didi... Actualy, si Didi talaga ang bida dun, hindi si Ada. hehe... Ang kinaiinisan ko lang e sumakit yung pwet ko sa panonood. Hindi ako nakabili ng sound track, yung ang isa pa na kinaiinis ko. The songs were great! I love the song Ada sang in front of his dead father. The theme is the acceptance of the heart and accept the child for who he/she is. Napaisip ako. Kung aminin ko na kaya sa magulang ko na nagevolve na ako. Na hindi na ako si bonbon kundi si bonbonito na. Isang malanding lalake. Alam ko alam na nila ang tungkol sakin, ayaw lang nilang tanggapin. I remember my brother was playing warcraft and I was watching a gay themed film. Then our cousin aprouch my brother. Natwa na lang ako sa pinagbubulungan nila. Nagtanong yung pinsan ko, hindi ko na rinig pero naintindihan ko kung ano yung tinanong nya. Sabi ng kuya ko "sa palagay ko." "tanungin mo nga!" mu cousin said. "Yoko nga, bka kung anu pa mangyari," my brother replied. Gusto ko na sanang makisali at sabihin na "Itanong na kasi, sasgutin ko naman!" haha... sana lang nga tama ang hinala ko. So back to the song. Kapag nagdalwang isip pa ang mga magulang ko, then I'll sing "bukasan ang iyong puso at ako'y iyong tanggapin...." How's that?

Romeo Romeo Romeo, where art thou Romeo... Wala na si Romeo. Wla na xa sa puso ko ngunit nasa isipan pa rin. Nagusap kami using SMS. buti na lang at madaling araw na at may signal na ako sa sun. Ganito yung Conversation...
Romeo: Kamusta ka na, miss na kita. bakit ang cold mo na ata?
Me: Sori but I have to change.
Romeo: bakit?
Me: Sori, I just have to...
Tapos nakatulog na ako. Wala kaong kwentang mangingibig... Hindi naman naging kami ni Romeo pero nagkakamabutihan na kami... parang kami pero hnd kami. Ganun na rin ang ngyayari samin ni Beej ngayon... Grabe, ang bilis kong ma fall-out of love... Biglang kasing dumating si Beej. Nagkagulo kami ni Beej pero kahit kakakilalapa lang namin e hinarap ko yung gulong yon at tinanggap naman nya. Ei, hindi pa kami, hinihintay lang nya akong mag propose. Sana nga dumating pa sa puntong makapagpropose ako... kahit may nararamdaman na akong katamaran sa buhay ko. kaya kayong mga nagpaparamdam, motavation naman dyan! Alam ko wala na si Adrian sakin pero ang lakas ng impact ng pagkawala nya... I keep on saying na wla na xa pero laging andyan yung friends nya na pinakilala sakin at nagpapalala na may natitirang messages pa sa Inbox ko galing sa kanya. tapos may text pa ng text sa Sun ko e tinatamad na nga akong gamitin yun kaya sorry na lang sa kanya...

Happy Birthday to me... Napuno ang Inbox ko sa dami ng greetings. Kait sobtrang dami, hindi ko pa rin naramdaman na birthday ko. Niinggit ako sa mga kabarkada kong babae kasi lagi namin silang binigibyan ng surpresa sa debut nila. Wait, I still hve to stick in mind na lalake ako. I have to wait until I'm 21. I'll be selebrating my Manhood! So birthday ko nung 12. wala lang, parang sinabing birthday ko lang. Inaasahan kong bibigyan ao ng malaking halaga ng pera or pagkagising ko nandun yung kumpare ng aking Ama at nagluluto ng espesyal niyang spaghetti na kulay orange. pero hindi, pagkalabas ko ng kwarto, wlang surpresa, wlang bulaga. Ang pinaka nagustuhan ko lang nung araw na yun ay nung madaling araw na at binukasan ko na yung card na binigay ni beej. for a moment nakalimutan ko na birtday ko na nung araw na yun at nung kinagabihan ay nagselebrate kami ni Aika at Dean. Kumain kami sa Ministop ng Icecream. Kahit papano, nakalimot ako sa kaarawan ako. Nung araw na yun, opisyan na wla na kaming NSTP pero kinailangan ko pang pumunta s USTe para dun. Bago ako pumunta, dumaan muna ako sa bagong bahay para magparamdam ulit na "helow, may anak po kayo na gusto na kayong bigyan ng birth certificate na nagsasbing kaarawan na nya ngayon at kayo ang kanyang mga magulang, helow? helow!?" so binigyan na ako ng pera. pero hindi pa rin sapat. Ginawa kong lahat upang lumigaya manlang. buti pa yung mga katulong, marinig lang ang pangalan ni batista sa telebisyon e nagmamadali na at iniiwan ang kanilang mga trabaho. buti pa ang mga katulong, pinaalala kung kailan ang birthday ko at nung pagkagising ko e sila ang unang bumati sakin. Well, anu nga naman ang kwenta ko. Yung bagong bahay malaki xaka 3 floors e ako payatot ay 5'8" lang ang tangkad. yung bahay matanda na at dapat talagang alagaan e ako binata pa lang at kaya pang magpuyat. Dun sa Med-Audi medyo sumaya ako kasi may kumanta ng "Vincent" at para yun sa isang tao na kaarawan din nung araw na yun pero hnd ako yun. Napakanta na lang din ako, kulang na lang lumuha na rin ako dahilsa parehas kami ng buhay ni Vincent.

Free Image Hosting at

Mic'a! Chou... May aso nanama kami. kinalbo ni kuya para maalis ang mga garapata at gamutin yung sugat. napaka-playful nung aso kaya minsan nakakinis kasi lagi akong iniistorbo. Arf! Arf! Arf! ayan magkakalat na xa...

marami pa akong kailangna ayusin sa buhay ko. Sa school sobrang dami, as in. p[alibhasa tinatamad na kasi talaga ako. Sa bahay naman, si Mudra ang daming pinapagawa sakin at ang gusto naman ni ama nandun ako sa bagong bahay upang tumulong na rin sa mga gawain. Panu pa kaya ang Lovelife ko? Ang dami pa saking nagiimbitang lumabas this summer e i'm planing panaman na magaral na lang para kahit papano may pera naman ako. haay bahalana si batman...

Later days guys...
wish me luck for my furute, sna nga meron ako nun!