Sunday, November 16, 2008

I'm a registered professional teacher. Eat that!!! Wahaha!!!

I'm not yet really sure about this but my classmates woke me up with their text messages of congratulations because I passd the board exam. I texted few to verify if my name is really included there because the text messages might just be group messages, (huhu. wawa naman ako.) Then Alexz replied and said that all of 4Ed1 passed the exam. Weepeee!!!

I am now waiting for PRC to print the result on a news paper so that I can highlight my name and cut it and put it in a beautiful frame then show it off! wahaha!!!

Sana nga pasado ako kasi I'm going to have a party for this!!! Pili na lang ako ng sched. Wahaha!!! Maingay nanaman sa bahay and I'm allowed because (singing with arms moving circular) I passed the test. beacuse I passed the te-est beacuse I passed the te-est. ahihi!!

I would like to thank my uber supportive parents that time. lolz. kasi naman aminado silang pinepressure nila ako. haha. natatawa na lang ako dun kasi pinagggrocery nila ako and everything I can ask, ibibigay nila na dumating sa point na inuuto na namin ang isa't-isa. haha.

Sa mga friends and relatives ko na nagdasal na pumasa ako. Maraming salamat talaga kahit alam nyong ayaw ko talaga maging teacher. thank you ever so much!!!

Kay God, thanks for granting our prayers!! MWAH MWAH!!

Monday, November 10, 2008

Life is hard enough, it don't have to be in bed too

Lately(again) have been very stressful to me. I tend to feel sleepy after two days. Right! I sleep every after two days and now I'm sick and I'm having a hard time sleeping.

Well few days ago, Paul and I had a fight about me not doing well in the relationship, while fighting my high school friends are waiting for me, and in the end we found a way to finish a problem. We finished fighting in the middle of the road almost 2:00 dawn. Hey! Kami pa rin.

When I finally caught up with my friends, the party was already over but luckily, they were just walking home so I was able to run after them to give Aika back her SLR. We first went to Milo's place. There, Aika and I was able to buy a beautiful bag. I bought a traveling bag worth P550.00 from EGG. (Can someone check the price of the bag in the mall please?) After escorting Milo home, we went to Mayettes, my all-time-favourite Tapsilog-an. Yipeee... Then we went home.

Before I went to sleep (which I never had) Aika texted and the SLR is broken. hmmm... What am I gonna do? I'm excited about my prenup shoot with my cousin at La Mesa Ecopark (hmm... maybe that is the reason I can't sleep!) So I didn't sleep. I waited for Zico and My cousin and her fiance at home. The scheduled departure time at my house is 9:00 AM but then, finally we left at around lunch time. We all got exhausted and bug bites and while going back home, we got comedy from Zico and the cab driver. haha. The driver was realy funny. We need to keep him awake actually. Zico noticed that the driver is sleepy that's why need everyone to laugh.

When we got home, Zico and the couple left. I wated for Paul to come. After dealling with Paul, we went to Zico's then went to Timog to drink. There came Bobby and his friend Lester. We were waiting for Jeff but he didn't came. I actually invited several people but soon before we entered Gerry's Grill I found out that they are all architectures.

We all got drunk specially Paul. Before the bar closed, we went home. In the cab, Paul andI fell asleep. Luckily we were driving at the right route. We woke up near my place. haha. Finally at home I got the chance to sleep but before we slept, I gave Paul his dream date moment. haha. What is that? It's a big secret. I posted a note on my door to wake us up at 7:00 AM because I need to attend the Murder 2 by Dense and RJ but we we're too tired to stand up so we continue sleeping. We woke up it was already afternoon. We ate 2 pair of cheese burger each while watching a nice epic battle movie then after Paul went home.

Due to uploading the behind the scenes of the prenup shoot I wasn't able sleep on time so I wasn't able to wake up on time and go to work. I was sick (Well, right now I'm sick again) I got off my bed before dinner.

Now I'm typing this entry. It's 5:30am and I wish I can attend to my job flawlessly. Sighs