Sunday, February 4, 2007

Lost and Found

Sigh.. I was there at the passenger sit in front of the jeepney, going home. My tears almost fell on my face, looking nowhere. There was no mirror to look at myself. I don't know how I look. Good thing I'm wearing my eye glasses so the teary eyes was not noticed by the driver. I was being melodramatic again, hopeless romantic again, reminiscing again, and again. I lost a part of my heart, again.

A week ago, I broke up with my bf. Things went not good. Many words have voiced out that affected our relationship. Now, we're friends. It's a good thing isn't it? I was touched. He was the first one to offer friendship. Sigh. I was hoping for someone to have a conversation with after the break up but Romeo wasn't available anymore.

Valentines Day is near to come. I texted all my crushes if they already have their night out settled with someone. Cee-Kei, a friend from UP-M is already taken, I forgot he already have his boyfriend. Rod didn't reply. Romeo didn't reply. I texted Edz, a friend from school who happens to have a deep feelings for my friend Bobby. He was the only one who texted back and said, "wala pa e." so I asked him out. Yes we are going out on the 14th of February. Good Luck to us. I find him cute. That's all. The night with him for me is not a date. It's just we don't have anyone to spend the night with someone. Just a friendly gimmick I should say.

In school, Erick, my bestfriend who happens to be mistaken by my other friends as my boyfriend, and I sometimes meet and he bring our other friend, Morris (just a code name), ex-boyfriend of our other friend who is studying in another school. Get the connection? Well anyways, I suddenly felt something for Morris. It's not love, it's just a crush. I happened to notice his cute attitude and charming face. He is friendly and being friendly catches attention. I was just a little turned-off with him because he is a little "mahilig." I asked him that's why I know. I told him that I have a crush o him and he said he have too. I was doing a little flirting with him and it's the end of having him. I need someone to flirt with. Lols.

I went to NBS awhile ago to buy some materials fro my project. But before heading straight to SM, I went to Romeo's. I gave him my Christmas gift (Yah! I know its uber late. We just don't have the time to meet. Or, is that really the reason) a bouquet of pink roses. I don't know why I need to give him flowers. Those roses were supposed to be in Edz hands. After I gave him my gifts, I went to SM and receive a text message from Romeo. Ho told me, "Salamat pero nahihiya ako sayo, my bf naq." "Bakit hindi mo pa sinabi sakin kanina?", I asked. "Un nga ung gs2 q sabihin. Nahihiya xe ako sayo ng sobra. Pasensya na. Sorry po." I want to cry but I finished first my shopping. I occupied the passenger sit in front of the jeepney and paid my fare. I texted Romeo twice, "Hope we cud stil hangout kahit my bf ka na... Sigh.(a smiley)" He didn't replied. I asked myself why we can't be together. Romeo and I we're friends in a very long time and we both know that we like each other. While on the road, there I was, crying.