Thursday, April 27, 2006

I'm so sorry!

I'm hiding under a blank paper.
My conscience is hurting my ear.
stop checking stop writing stop it!
I cant understand why i have to lie
give me back my paper give it to me
i cant be honest I cant for now
I wont talk about it anymore
it wont be anymore
it wont be found
Give me back my paper please
I remember you color it red
But it's not what I said
Stupid me that I have to lie
Don't praise me hell no!
Don't look up on me
I'm not worth it

Haha. my professor in logic wanted me to recite and he asked me mildly. I was so confused. He misses my voice. hehe so I just stood up and told everyone in the class that I was not able to read before attending his class. He just smirked and I smiled. Then he asked another question. Luckily it is connected on our previous lesson. I think this is a brand new relationship hehe.

After the Logic class. I confronted Mr. Angeles, the archi stud. I told him "Uy, sorry kahapon a. Kala q narinig ko na pwede ng umuwi after the quiz." according to him okey lang naman daw kasi akala din nila. Yung korean kasi naming classmate umalis na agad after the quiz. After the short conversation. Ayun, may tawanan ng onti at nalaman ko na first name nya, finally. (Ang landi ko!) Then I wonder, "ano kaya itsura nito kapag umiyak o kahit malungkot lang?" Know why? He is Mr. Smile. Lagi kasi xang nakasmile kahit pa pinapagalitan xa. And he owns a car by-the-way. Sa La Salle Greenhills xa naghs at 1st yr pa lang sya. bagong relationship nanaman... iyike!

In my computer class, I learned how to protect my file by putting password on it. buwahahaha
I know it sounds silly but for a person who didn't undergo a formal training about things...
think twice.

Wednesday, April 26, 2006

I was a cool freak

Yesterday was an ordinary day. All people noticed my Emo hair. Hair? Yep, as always, I changed my hair style time to time. Mitchie, my block mate, entered my mind because she made a song about my hair. One line goes like this, in the tune of "noypi" of bamboo "Kamusta na si Bonn na one sided..." I found my self laughing because when you say one sided about your hair, you put the division or hati in one side of your head, its either on the left or right side and I decided to put the division on my left. Then I hold down my bangs and I put some volume and height in the top and back part of my head. Gets? (hopefully kasi trying hard ako mag-english)

Then my parents drive me to school. Yep! My parents escorted me. Hahaha for the first time, to school and they're both with me. In the class, Mr. Matiaz, my Logic professor and some classmates gave a comment on my hair. They want me to comb my hair. (Trivia: I don't fix my hair using a comb or brush but only with the use of my hands) Their comment is the same with the comment given to the cute (mapagpanggap na amerikano according to Mr. Matiaz) Archtecture student, Mr. Angeles. (Sorry, I don't know yet his first name).

So Mr. Matiaz gave a comment and I didn't like what he said. He said, "You're an elementary teacher and you're going to teach with that hair. It's indecent (not proper)." I would like to comment back, if I were to reply on what he said, our conversation would turn like this:

Me: "I have the proper clothes or things bring with me in class, I would come prepared"
Prof: "Why? Am I not wearing anything? Also, I'm teaching college student and not elementary pupils"
Me: "I am still in college Mr. Matiaz and according to you, you're teaching college and in college, people should be more decent and proper. Dnd besides, at least may buhok!" (evil laugh)

Am I naughty or not?

I like Mr. Matiaz than Ms. Raquel Jimenez, my previous Logic professor but I hate his attitude. To think, he wants to continue discussing after he give us a very complicated 4 questions. Take not, every question is equal to 25 points. Grr...

Before I came home yesterday, my friends in my Computer class reminded me about Goth because they're all looking at a gothic themed artwork in When I got home, I bring out my black accessories and black clothes, and the gadget that I love most, the digital camera. How do you picture me in a gothic outfit? I like it a little because the lighting is not good. This is only one of the few shots taken (cancel the emo + goth = ??? ):


I was looking for a computer shop because my brother was using our PC. Then I found one. I left the shop not noticing that I forgot my mobile phone in the desk where I seated. The cute guy who is managing the shop ran after me and called "kuya, phone nyo po, nakalimutan mo!" If he’s not that cute, I would grab my phone and punch him. Do I look that old? I think he's the one should be addressed as "kuya." Hey, FYI, I just turned 18 last month and I should only be addressed as "kuya" by my siblings and my pupils-to-be when I begin teaching. Calling me kuya by a stranger older than me is an insult.

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

bakit nga ba grabe na lang lagi ang aking panimula?
ewan ko, ako din hindi ko alam.
basta ang alam ko, marami na ang mga pangayyaring nakaligtaan kong isulat e este i-type pala.
sisimulan ko nalang sa nangyari ngayong araw o kaya ay kahapon.
kahapon nagsimula ang summer classes ko at iyon ang pinaka ayaw kong araw.
Ang init, sobra. bully yung prof ko sa Logic tapos worst pa ang prof sa computer at una kaming magrereport. kami, oo kami. may 3 babae akong naging kaibigan sa klase.
At, naging kklase ko si Ken, isa sa mga crush ko.
Ngayon, tapos na ang report. Maraming na namangha. Naimpress naman ako sa prof ko sa LOgic.

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

long awaited entry...

hndi ako makapag blog!