Saturday, July 25, 2009

Aftermath: Miki's party

Because of working at day and having my masters at night, I had no choice but to keep my camera. Yep! My camera is in hibernation inside its box for how many months now. Photos that needs retouch is still needing retouch. I have still have many photos to edit. Sigh... It's lonely.

After attending Miki's party (a very fun lady) and meeting those of her friends (beautiful people) gave me strength to hold my camera again. I know I still have ideas and concepts for photoshoots. I know I can still do photography. I know I can still somehow do make-ups. I know I can still play with lights. I love art. It shouldn't be set aside. I'll be back. I know I can. =)

PS. Panu tanggalin ang write protect ng Memory Card(SD)?