Wednesday, May 30, 2007

UST Hospital Rm. 311

This video is really cool. check it out and tell me your insights.
Kapag hindi lumabas, malas mo. Pero magcomment ka pa rin.

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Paranoid is dangerous to you health

Ken: Bon I think we need to settle things about us
Bon: We really need to talk about us. Kelan natinpaguusapan?
Ken: I dunno, this ain't healthy anymore. What ya' think?
Bon: I don't want us to part..
Ken: We don't have to part. We just have to set limitations. I felt guilty na rin kasi...
Bon: Limitations sa?
Ken: Between us. We barely see one another... Acads might also be a factor..
Bon: Yea. I want to see you often as I can but we're gonna be busy busy.
Ken: Yup, I don't want us to part as well. I still want us to be friend. Or even best friends.
Bon: What!? So you mean..
Ken: We're gonna be friends 'til we make this a healthy one. I don't wanna close this din. It's hard to be in a commitment if we can't prove it to ourselves. We're not closing it though. Just limit it to friends. as in parang lovers yet not committed.
Bon: You mean like a fling?
Ken: No, di to fling. I just want to enrich this relationship. Feel ko we gone too fast. Then if we're sure na with the commitment then that's the time we make it to one. Alam mo parehas tayong nangangapa with one another..
Bon: ok. I'm afraid.. Sana hindi ka mawala. Sana maayos natin to..
Ken: There's nothing wrong with us naman. Ano ba?
Bon: Ewan ko, natatakot talaga ako. Or paranoid nanaman. Ken, I want this relationship to work. yoko mawala ka.
Ken: Ngerf! Pls don't close your doors for others. Malay mo there's much better than me. You deserve someone better. And we're not closing this, right? You can entertain others if you want. Just that if our calling comes tayo pa rin a. (smiley)
Bon: I want to lean my head over you shoulder and punch you.. Err.. Loyal ako Ken. hindi ba mas kelangan natin ng commitment para maging ok tayo.. I hope you're not making reasons just to entertain another person, are you?

(binasa ulit ang mga messages ni Ken)

Bon: Ok ok. I understand now. Sorry kung pinagisipan kita ng ganun. You're right, nangangapa pa tayo and we should make sure if we are ready to be committed to one another. SIgh.
Bon: Huy! Nu na nangyari? Naparanoid lang ako. hehe. Reply naman Dyan!
Bon: Ken?
Ken: Nope, I'm doing this becuase of my academics. how selfish of you to think of that. If that's the case, I'm very disappointed... I didn't expect that from you..
Bon: I'm sorry. I'm very sorry. Ngayon ko lang naintindihan lahat. I had gone too far. I wnat to make it up to you..
Ken: You got into my nerves. Let's talk some other time. Night.
Bon: Ken, I'm really sorry.. Pls?
Ken: Good night..

Then I saw myself lying on my bed, paranoid. I'm really sorry about what I said. I wasn't thinking. I really want to make it up to him. I'm gonna bake some muffins or brownies for him and bibigay ko na yung sketch na ginawa ko. I'm gonna add a stick of rose. The only problem is, pano ko kaya sya mapapapayag ngayon na ginalit ko sya?

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Then, I pose in front of my camera. Hillarious!

Who are we really?

It rained hard and the whole metro sank and plenty of road violators appeared that cause of my 1 hour stranded. Puff! 3 things happened...

+ While waiting for the vehicle to cross the road of españa, I saw a blind man, kabababa nya lang sa jeep. He was in the middle of the traffic jam, trying to figure out where to go. Gladly, a lady from the same vehicle escorted him to españa for the next route. I was sad that the man can't see but to think of it, sometimes it's good to be blind not seeing the destruction that man is making to our world. And I was amazed that the lady grabbed the arms of the blind man to lead the way. Bravo to you sister!!!

+ Same thing, while waiting for everything to move, a guy in front of me was talking to her girlfriend and I heared him and he said this line, "'wag ka na umasa sa mga Pilipino.." I was pissed off. I wanna shout that moment. Like hello, he's a Filipino and I should not rely on you. OMG, I'm Pinoy too. If that so, I'm not. I can't stand that I have a fellowmen like that. It makes me angry.

+ So the Jeep had finally crossed the road. BAM! 2 hot guys sat beside me. Like they were just waiting for me on the other side of the street. LOL. hmp. The other guy is with his girlfriend. "Hey! Hey! You! You! I don't like you girlfriend.."

Sunday, May 27, 2007

Ang pagbabalik ni bonbonito

WHEW!!! Now I'm back. There has been lots of things happened to me and I wasn't able to post it here because changing my old template was really hard and my relatives who reads my entries tells my parents all of it. Now, I have the acceptance of my parents and I'm free, at last!! No more hiding inside the closet for me. Yey!! Now I'm gonna update this blog about few things. hehe

+ I have a boyfriend... again. Yes, I'm taken again. He's different from my exes. Really different. He's discreet but open minded. We haven't kissed yet. I have his respect. He treats me like I'm a girl (I'm really happy about what I'm experiencing when we're together but I don't really like to be treated as a girl.) He don't text often and that makes me worry. Sigh. I actually made a sonnet for him and a sketch of both of us when we were with my bestfriend Erick in school.

+ Practicumer naq and I'm gonna be busy so lessen the parties and gimmicks and no bum moments for me. Wah!! Also, I need to focus of the Education Journal, because they really rely on me. Wah!!

+ I went to my province to be the escort of my sister in the sagala (1, 2, 3) and I got sick. Ppto now, I'm still sick.

+ Doberman died, my 2 years old pet flowerhorn. She's a fish. I think my father killed her. My dad put salt in the aquarium so that the dirt will go down but he forgot to take the fish out first before putting the salt.

+ I miss my friends. (p_q)

I always update my Multiply. That is also a reason why I don't update this site. Multiply is really addictive.

Saturday, May 26, 2007

I tried to kill myself

I went home yestenight with a severe headache. I wanted to sleep already but my hunger keeps me awake and I was waiting for a reply that didn't came. I stood up, grab some bucks and head to a store where no one is there so I head back home. I notice that there are two fags living infront of my house then I thought that i need some friends where I live. So I head back again to the store, I bought a cheezzy footlong, a bottle of soda and 2 sticks of cigar. When I get back home, they already leave their spot but I still ate my food in front of my house. The coldness of that night was very calming. It's like Fergie made the song "big Girls Don't Cry" just for me. Lol. But the moment was serene. Before I finish my 2nd cigar, my head hurts even more so I go straight to bed. Lying on my Bed, I cried. I was sobbing. I was upset not because my head hurts really badly, half because I don't know the progress of my relationship with Ken and the other half is because I'm killing myself. I tried to sleep with the sounds of the Mohicans but it didn't work. I was in agony for almost an hour then finally, thank god, I fell asleep.