Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Back Pain

It has been months since I last updated myself with what's happening in my daily life. I feel sorry for myself that I have to drop out from my graduate studies due to so many problems that I have to shoulder. I'm feeling depress about being jack of all trades. People would say that I should be happy. Not having a specialty is not what I'm sad about, its being the person who knows a lot more than my subordinates and the people above me who relies on my skills. When I see something wrong or lacking in effort, I have no choice but to make it better for others for the benefit of everyone. I'm getting tired of this. The resource and back-up person. Oh I know now. It's the respect. I think I'm not getting the respect I should have.

Every week I have to stay up late or do not sleep. My body is getting weaker and weaker everyday but I have to push myself (again, for others). I'm tired. My back aches because of the heavy load I'm carrying. Still, I should keep on pushing.

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Aftermath: Miki's party

Because of working at day and having my masters at night, I had no choice but to keep my camera. Yep! My camera is in hibernation inside its box for how many months now. Photos that needs retouch is still needing retouch. I have still have many photos to edit. Sigh... It's lonely.

After attending Miki's party (a very fun lady) and meeting those of her friends (beautiful people) gave me strength to hold my camera again. I know I still have ideas and concepts for photoshoots. I know I can still do photography. I know I can still somehow do make-ups. I know I can still play with lights. I love art. It shouldn't be set aside. I'll be back. I know I can. =)

PS. Panu tanggalin ang write protect ng Memory Card(SD)?

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Shoot? Shoot!

Oh my? Oh my!

Almost 2 months ko ng hindi ginagamit ang camera ko. I don't know if I still have the eye.

I'm calling for a photoshoot on March 20, 2009 (Friday), 2:00PM. Shoot will take place in my place.

I need two (2) male models and one (1) female. Preferably fit and who can do their own fierce make-up but I want to have an amateur make-up artist in this shoot for a special touch.

This shoot is about addiction and phantasm. Photos will be added to each of our folios. Please bring a friend, because I'm a silent person and I know we are not that close, for the added comfort-fun zone. Bring clothes too.

Here is the list of clothes that you can bring. If you don't have all of these clothing, don't worry, hopefully you can just bring some of them.

Female get up: dress (long and short) preferably glittery, vest. printed sando, peticoat, colored or net stockings or tights, 2 pair of shoes that is completely different from each other (no rubbershoes pls!), bolero, denim clothes other than your trousers, checkered pants, scarfs, fancy bag, hair clips and beaded accessories.

Male's attire: Jeans, casual belt, polo, scarfs, vest, jacket or coat, and fedora hat. (ang onti ng panlalake pala. kung may mga damit din kayo nung pambabae dala kayo a)

Sana may makapagdala ng dress, peticoat and colored tights. hihi. i-close nyo naman ako!!! haha. Sana naman may magparticipate and maging masaya ang shoot.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

21 people and a toothache

Tom will be my 21st birthday and I have a f@*king toothache killing me. I wanted to have a party at the beach with fire and drums but the errands and tasks I have to finish before the summer vacation was out of my expectations. Maybe I'll just celebrate my birthday with someone watching a horror movie. Hmm...

I listed names of people I gained something like wisdom, knowledge, or valuable experience that is unforgettable and made a very important role on my growing age, aside from my family. Here they are...

My elementary and high school friends

1. Eduardo Fernandez - My aratilis buddy

2. Kristian Idol Gutierez - Smile and laugh. Oh man he's gorgeous. haha. I miss him.

3. Jamaica Pascual - M girl bestfriend. I learned that pen really has its own powers.

My college friends

1. "Chinee" Nicole Salang - I learned pakikisama and patience

2. Iza Camil Tan - I learned to be fabulous and Jologs-ly fun at the same time.

3. Jade Concepcion - because of her, I had a sport and accepted on a team with my gayness without me even noticing that they know about my huge secret.

4. Marlina Ortiguera - being manly. haha

5. Mary Gilizabeth Sulit - I learned to fight for my friends.

6. Minaizah Migue - I learned to accept my flaws

My gay friends

1. Erick Joseph Perez - my bestfriend. keeps me sane

2. "Zico Manzano" - reminds me to treat myself as royalty and in stance. My partner in crime. Batman!

3. Arbie Ubaldo - Appreciate everything and don't be stupid.

4. Adrian Babista - "Ang nakatatanda" haha

5. Jarenz - when I see him, he makes me strive for something. hmm..

6. Roelle - Face is an investment. Charot! I learned to find beauty in simplicity.

My love issues

1. Paul Rodrigo Cordero - My boyfriend and life partner. He taught me to be humble and love maturely.

2. Christopher Trinidad - My first boyfriend. There is nothing cheap in loving.

3. Rod Meyrick Tan - First person whom I felt respect and I should be very careful in choosing a partner in life.

4. Kendrick Dominic Uy - I learned to wait and acceptance.

5. Richard Chua - Be passionate about what you want.

6. "Jepoy" - I learned to fight and run because of love.

In due time, I will payback what I gained as a sign of my gratitude. You guys so far are the best treasures and roses of my 21 years of living.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Wellness vs. Business

Well, after three months of waiting for my money that is supposed to be spent already, finally, few bucks went in. Wooooh!!!

I actually spent some already on my nails and movies. hihi. Hindi pa ako natutulog beacause I cannot, I ate cookies and marshmallows and iced tea after finishing a dreamcatcher, while watching television. I found myself bummed then I thought of my cash. How am I going to spend it?

Nose Job vs. a 5 in1 Reflector

Naplano ko na na magpa-nosejob actually matagal na. Gusto ko din magpadagdag ng jaw pero mas matindi ang "need" ko for a nosejob. 4 of my friends nagundergo na ng cosmetic surgery and they're okay about what happend. Well me, I'm not ok with my nose. Matangos naman ilong ko pero sa tingin ko hindi sapat. Oh my. I think this falls to a low esteem. shit!

Hmm.. REflector. I pretty in need of a reflector so I should buy na. Hmm.. I'm goimg to have a photoshoot with a fellow photohrapher, maybe he will bring a reflector on the set. Parasite!

Body Building vs. Business Materials

OMG! Sabi ko before magggym nako ulit para magkabump naman chest ko, dipper lines on my biceps and bigger butt. shet wala pa akong tulog kaya hindi pa pwede today. Come to think of it, I need clothes for the gym-ing! I was hillarius nung naggym ako dati. pramis, fashion victim. haha

For business materials, hmmm... I think I can dig my cabinest for things I can use for this new business. Should I? haha