Saturday, February 23, 2008

My Top 10 Misfortune as of feb 2008

I really hate what's happening to my life now. I'm having series of unfortunate events. I thought I would be lucky this year but now I'm experiencing hell.

1. My last day in P. Gomez Elementary School was last Thursday, Feb 21. Mrs. Abrilla, my critic teacher, gave tons of work load and papers to finish like what she always do. 5:45 AM, I should be in school already then 11:30 AM, the class is about to be dismissed everyday and during M-W-F we have this 2 hours ancillary which Mrs. Abrilla called "ox-ciallary." Mrs. Abrilla pulled me from than ancillary to spend time with her remedial class everyday which I called "the in-tern's remedial class." Since I was always late coming to school, I thought I have no rights to reason with her demands. I always check the test papers, get the frequency of errors and record the scores then if I'm already tired, I'll look at my right side, I'll see her putting her make-up or eating sometimes and she won’t even invite me to eat recess and lunch. So there, she gave me a work load on my last day, 2:00 Pm I'm still there with my butt aching, finally she told me to bring home the papers instead and bring it back tomorrow. Tomorrow came, I went to P. Gomez to give back the papers then I went to my next shift which is in UST Elem. When I entered the Grade school office my supervisor saw me and pulled me to a conference with her. There I found out that Mrs. Abrilla didn't give a grade for my performance. I felt like I was very stupid that I accepted the work loads during my last day in P. Gomez. That no good "Master Teacher", who's grade 1 students can't even spell apple and ball correctly, Abrilla is a user. She used me well. tsk.

2. I was crying hard when I was talking to my supervisor. Not because of not having a grade but because she wont even listen to what I'm saying. She's just blaming me like I'm the one who messed up the Philippine government. I thought she would be there for me because she's my supervisor but no. tsk.

3. My shift in P. Gomez was suppose to be in the afternoon but I changed it to morning even I'm having sleeping disorders ( I reached to the point that I have to resort to sleeping pills) because I have my swimming training in the afternoon. But because of being busy of so many things, it was hard for me to attend the trainings. So I competed in the goodwill games without a good practice. My coach gave me 3 events in breaststroke. The hell!!! I don't swim with that stroke. Since first year I'm only trained to swim freestyle. So I failed to get a medal. That was depressing.

4. I was the one who processed the Swimming Team's Jacket. I had a problem with financing the jacket. I have to use my own money because the Lester, the person who sew the jackets gave the money to me late. We had a deal for the jacket. Lester would sew the jacket and I'm the one who'll put the prints. But then, I was able to give the jackets to my swimmers on time but I'm broke. haha

5. EES shirt. The stressful EES shirt. haha. The only problem I had is that Lina gave the orders to me but some people who ordered was not paid yet and I forgot a section because it was in a separate paper. Since I forgot a section and there are not yet paid shirts. I gave the not yet paid shirts to the forgotten section. But then, it didn't suffice the problem. I still have to make more shirts. And some shirts were returned because of stains. Darn! T-shirt printing is a stressful one. Why did I have to enter this business? Sigh.

6. Since I'm the only computer literate in my family, I the one who always asked for computer jobs for our family business. I have to do the IDs, forms and tarpaulins. As in, always. I can't leave the house if I haven't finished what they want me to finish. That's the reason why sometimes, I'm late in school. What I hate the most is that people won’t appreciate my work then if I do what they like, they would still ask me if it's much better. So silly.

7. Since I need to earn money to spend with what I want, It's hard for me to give up on EJ even I'm having a hard time looking for time to lay-out the publications. Monica, the e-i-c, my friend, is the one getting the negative feedbacks and not me. I'm having pressures and it's hard for me to comply.

8. I wasn't able to do my laundry for 2 weeks.

9. During the P. Gomez shift, I noticed that I was only able to eat a meal every after 2 nights. That's dinner. If I'll eat lunch, usually it’s already 4 or 5:00 PM in the afternoon.

10. The due date of our narrative report is on Feb 29 and I haven't started yet. I'm so busy and so harassed, I'm already tired and no motivation to do it. I don't know if I can make it to my graduation.