Monday, July 9, 2007

gi'me a good title

I'm not confident about how I look. I'm so thin since I was young. I went to the doctor for check up, guess what he told me? I told him I want to be fat, I dont want to bethin anymore. He said, "other people are dying just to be thin.." Man! is he crazy? I told him I dont want to be thin anymore. And I'm not those girls who are becoming anorexic just to be thin. and I am not a girl that is why I want some meat in mo body. That Doctor is crazy. Then I was watching Extreme Make Over. I love this show. I love how they make people beautiful and boost their esteems through science. It was right timing, one of the people they gave a makeover is a thin guy. I'm gonna do what they did to him. They gave him food such as potatoes, mayonaisse, ketchup, sour cream, patties, pizzas.. I'm gonna do it. And Its not only that I'm thin, got no alliby, I'm U-G-L-Y. Thanks to a guy who posted tips about how to take care of your face. Now I know.

I was with my friends at "gay's way" (Gateway mall at Cubao) and I was so bored. I was tapping the table and my bestfriend Erick noticed it know what he did? He showed me the "Darna!" video that pissed me but it did made me laugh. Well, Darna is a superhero, Filipino counterpart of Wonder Woman. Narda becomes Darna if she swallow her stone and shout her name. In the video, after the lady shouted she became a naked gay transexual then enters music and he danced crazy. I told Erick before that who ever done that video is mad. I'm gonna punch that transexual if ever I see him. well, enough about that. I noticed that moment, my bestfriend is really sensitive about my condition, I was bored that's why he showed me the video. I told him the video is not funny but I did laugh. I was hillarious. I love my bestfriend.

Yesterday, I received my first cookie from my students. I was only a substituite. They were nice and kind. The younger your student, the nicer they are. Although they're comparable to animals gone wild. lol. Their voices are in high pitches and they move a lot. Still they're nice. They made me want to teach kids again because of what they gave me. They gave me cookies even it's no longer their recess. They shared me their books. I smiled. And they really like talking.