Friday, November 18, 2005

Zsazsa Zaturnah, malapit ng lumipad!

Ikaw na kaya si Zsazsa?

Tanghalang Pilipino
Zsazsa Zaturnnah (Ze Muzikal)Auditions - Ever!
When : November 29, 2005 2PM-8PM
December 6, 2005 2PM-8PM
Where : Bulwagang Amado Hernandez(Conference Room)
Ground Floor, CCP Main Bldg.
1. Must be at least 18 yrs. old
2. Preferably with theatre experience
3. Can sing very well (We mean it!)
4. Resume with 2x2 headshot (or bigger)Auditionees must BELT OUT A COMIC RENDITION OF ASERIOUS SONG (a capella or accompanied byminus-one/music piece), complete with DANCE STEPS ORMOVEMENT (Yes, solo production number ito.)

NOTE:Wearing of costume is strongly encouraged.

Please register by phone beginning November 22, 2005.

For more details, call the TP office at 832-3661 or832-1125 locals 1620/1621. (pero utang na loob, walang mga nakapagngingitngit na tanong para hindi ma-IM ang mga dakilang taga-TP at mabagsakan kayo ng phone, ok?) =)

Tanghalang PilipinoResident Theater Company of theCultural Center of the Philippines
Roxas Blvd., Pasay CityOffice
Telefax: 832-3661CCP
Trunkline: 832-1125 local 1620 & 1621
(Tuesdays to Fridays)

Whalah! bago lay-out ko. Mas simple ito kaysa sa mga nauna na. I made the pictures my self. Medyo mabagal ito mag-upload sa mga dial-up, I think. Well, sana bigay naman kayo ng comments sa bago kong lay-out kahit sa ngayon e hnd ko pa nlalagay yung link ng comments for every entry.


I have read from an article that something like this should be keep discreet. But I'm proud of this so here it go!

Medyo lonely ako before our monthsary.. ayaw ko pa sakanyang sabihin kasi I'm just missing him badly, misery. I was like making a phrase for that dilemma.

"I'm lonely right now and its killing me... Sadness fills my heart and soul, all covered up... Someone pull me away from this dark and cold pit of misery, if you please."

So there, its history now. I was cheered by a testimonial for him by his friend. But I was really happy that he called me in the day of our monthsary. He asked me to go to UST - Colayco Park and wait. Kim, his buddy, showed up with a box of cake and 3 balloons. I gave her my gift for Adrian and I asked her to hug my boyfriend for me.

Image hosted by

The cake Adrian gave me... how sweet... awww... pero ma sweet pa si Adrian sa cake na to... bkt? e nalasahan ko na sya e... haha JOKE!!!

Image hosted by

Si Teddie Beer-Jun2x, my gift, @ si bonbonito

Adrian was so busy but I understand him. I already know that he's a busy person before we enter in this relationship. I love him and that is really important. I'm loyal, faithful and I can wait.


Yuri, Liza and I were in the EJ office yesternight. Yuri and I were talking about my ideas for the EJ2 cover while Liza was browsing some magazines. Before leaving the Albertus MAgnus Bldg., Yuri told us a story that happened 3 days ago. I'ts really freaky. While on the locking the door, Yuri started to talk, and then we walked.

Yuri: My kukuwnto ako. Alam mo na ba yung nung-isang-araw?
Liza: Hindi pa nya alam.
Ako: Bkt, anu yon?
Yuri: Diba may friend si Joliver(EJ staff) sa Eng'g?
Ako: Oo, girl yun diba, o tapos...
Yuri: Pumunta sila dito tapos sabi nung girl, may tatlong tao daw dito sa labas ng EJ.
Ako: Huh?
Yuri: Tatlong tao sa labas na hindi makapasok kasi may bata sa loob.
Liza: Anu yon tao?
Yuri: Hindi natin nakikita.
(nasa labas pa kami ng EJ, naglalakad)
Ako: parang gusto kong tumingin sa likod kaso hindi ko magawa.

Sobrang freaky tapos medyo natakot pa ako ng nkalabas na kami tapos nakita ko si
Aika at Dean sa labas ng Educ. Aika was texting someone that she thought that it was me. So I freaked out because I dont have prepaid load yet that time. So how will I text Aika if I dont have load? She even explained that I asked her where she is and she said that she's already infront of our bldg., so she texted me to go down and see them. Coincidence that is.

Mas nagpatakot naman sakin ito. I was inside the EJ office this morning before entering class, alone. I was typing something when I heard the door slammed like someone was angry and forced to close the door. After a few seconds, when I can finally move, I went outside to see if someone went out at the other rooms. No one was there. I didn't hear the door opened by someone but I heard it slammed. I closed the computer and take my bag and went down to our classroom. My officemates would be scared if I'll tell this to them.

Monday, November 7, 2005

Yehey! pasukan na ulit... horay!
Alam ko marami magagalit sakn kasi madami pang taong ayaw pang pumasok...
Basta ako masaya kasi may baon na ulit... hehehe
So paguwi ko galing sa eskwela, nakatulog kaagad ako sa kwart dahil sa pagod.
Pagkagising ko nataranta ako kasi hindi pa ako bumibili ng school suplies ko for this semester.
Hindi na ako kumain. Dahil sa sakit ng katawan ginusto kong matulog muli ngunit hindi ako dinalaw ng antok.
Wala na lang akong inatupag kundi maginternet at kumuha ng kumuha ng picture using my CP. hehehe
Habang nasa harap ng computer, binuksan ko ang Telebisyon.
Aking laking gulat ng biglang pinalabas sa MYX Premier ang Music Video ng Sugarfree.
At ang kanta ay, hindi ang theme song ng Panday kundi ang pinaka sweet na kanta para sa akin.

Tulog na by Sugarfree

tulog na mahal ko
hayaan na muna natin ang mundong ito
lika na, tulog na tayo.
tulog na mahal ko
wag kang lumuha, malambot ang iyong kama
saka na mamroblema

tulog na hayaan na muna natin sila
mamaya, hindi ka na nila kaya pang saktan
kung matulog, matulog ka na…

tulog na mahal ko
nandito lang akong bahala sa iyo
sige na, tulog na muna
tulog na mahal ko
at baka bukas ngingiti ka sa wakas
at sabay natin haharapin ang mundo

tulog na hayaan na muna natin sila
mamaya, hindi ka na nila kaya pang saktan
kung matulog, matulog ka na…
hanggang makatulog ka
Kinuhaan ko ng video kaso pangit kaya picture na lang.
Marami akong kinuha kaso mabagal ang PC ko kaya dalawa lang na upload ko...
hehe excuses...

Friday, November 4, 2005

This may sound a little redundant to others but for me its not. It's just an issue to every bisexual like me, I think, whose answers are not yet revealed. How tiring…
What's the difference between bisexuals and gays anyway? I my self doesn't know where the hell these words come from but do I even care? Yep, sometimes. I have said that I'm a bisexual, yes I am. The word bisexual refers to a person who can love both lady and lad. I have read in a magazine about homophobes, "We are all born bisexuals" –Sigmund Freud. Yes we are. Don't know why or how? Find it for your selves. In bisexuals, we walk into 2 terms, the tops and bottoms. I hate these words actually. They just refer where you are placed during sex. Why I hate these words? Sex doesn’t have an importance in my life. Yes, it doesn’t have, it's just lust (but its enjoying anyway hehe that's the pervert side of me who answerd that. Damn you perverts!). But I admit that I'm not a virgin anymore since elementary. So anyway, how important it is the word bisexual to me? I'm living in the world conquered by straights and curves. When I love an opposite sex, it automatically refers you as straight (but how come?). When you love in the same sex, there is a unchangable notation, especially to granies, that you are homosexual. Does it mean that Bisexuals are Homosexuals? I don't know, maybe or maybe it is just a front of gay peepz according to other peepz. I have risk many important things in my life now. I always think of the things around me and not even thinking of my self. I was confused, I was thinking of entering to seminary because of God's call. But I refused to answer it; I don't want to be the "Sugo." What is it for me anyway? I have revealed so many things to my environment. They may judge me on anything they want, how or what reactions have they showed. Do must I care? I don't know. Many people told me that I must not change for them. But in the world that they rule, I think I must go away from these worlds. Being like this has become a burden to me. Now, do I hate being like this? Of course not, I already have the life I wanted a long time. Full of adventure, colors, the light, the challenges, the things I need to have. I love my boyfriend. I love my family and frinds. Confusion is with me. I need to answer the doubts running in my self. All I really want is to love and be loved in return. No mistakes, full of happiness. No tears, No cold stormy nights. What else could happen to me. I want to be out fully. I want my family to notice the real me. I know someone who just recently accidentally pulled out from his closet. I still don't know what happened to him next, I'm still waiting for answers. I have many problems right now. All I maybe need is time... or understanding perhaps.

Wednesday, November 2, 2005

Before Haloween, My Family and some friends went to Puerto Galera. Well, except me ofcourse, and my eldest brother and maids. While they were gone, I took the chance to be with my baby Mushy-Phe. But before they were gone, I wrote a note and place it in the door of our fridge that says to left money because I'm borke. They left the money to my kuya but the money wont afford anything, for me. They were gone three days and I was with Adrian for 2 days. We pamper our selves because the days was, if not bumming, its very tiring.

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Adrian is very sweet, that's why I call him Mushy before, now Phe. Why? hehe I rather him andswer that. I cooked him an ordinary dish and he really like it. He almost forgot his fried eggs. He even ask their maid to cooked him the same dish. (hehe, iba ako e) Here are some pics before we cleaned up our mess and left his place.

Image hosted by

He's totally funny, as in. Great Actor, comedian, drama, action, any part or scene, I believe he can do. I really love him even. nah! I really love him anyway. Nasabi ko na bang mahal na mahal ko sya, as in, talaga?


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November 1 has come. I went to North Cemetery with my parents. Gosh, it was very tiring to go there, especialy during that day. It was really crowded entering and going out of the place. It was hard for me to breath because it was "di mahulugang karayum," for real. God gave me a sign for me to be save from that event. I thought I was having LBM before leaving the house, my stomach really hurts. I really want to experience going to cemetery during November 1 but I never thought that it would be that crowded. I knew something like this would happen that's why just dressed up simple yet elegant. I knew it was a long walk that's why I just use my old slippers.

While on the crowd, I almost have a fight with an old woman. She pulled my arms and began shouting, "p*t*ng *na m*!" (3x) I just ignore her because I dont want to fight an old woman in that crowd. I just think that I'm an educated person stdying in a "pristige" university. (as if?!) As what I have told, my parents was there but they didnt saw what happen because they were infront of me. But I feel my Mom knows what hapen because I know she heard the old womans glass breaking voice

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Finally, first stop, the grave of my uncle. KGG. DANNY MONZON, former Councelor of first distric of manila. Then we went to my grand fathers grave. (That is the time when the crazy woman shout at me) After my Dad said his goodbye's to my grandfathers skelitons, Tito Tony appeared with Choyie, melcar and Gelgel, my cousins. My parents and uncle Tony talked about the old days with my Grandpapa. The big toys that my Grandpapa bought for them during their birthdays. The only family who has TV on the street. I just told my self, 'unbelievable, but sounds true. Our family was that rich that time.' I still remember what my mom said to the 2 boys, "Kaya pala, may pinagmanahan. Kaso ang pagkakamali ng Dad nyo ay hindi kayo tinuruan ng Chinese language." According to what I have heard from them about my Grandpapa, He doesnt have a vise but he smoke, drinks beer, bet at the horse race and read chinese news papers. Haayz, I just wish that I was born during our Grandpapa was still alive. Here are some chosen photos I took using my phone.

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