Saturday, February 25, 2006

Malate Night

My night was a blast (and here's my Dad mocking me about snicking-out last midnight.) Hindi dapat matutuloy pero natuloy pa rin. Romeo and Paul fetched me. I found out that Romeo's mobile phone is broken. I don’t know what to do if I,'ll treat him and use his money to fix his phone but I also in need of money. I have 1000 pesos 1 day before but now 200 pesos left. So there we were in Fluid. We meet up Barbie, Mykel and Mark. The bar was a really amazing. It has “cages” where drunk costumers can dance all they want but limitations (hey! What is that?!) When I went to the balcony, I saw a bouquet of blue roses. I picked one and gave it to Romeo. I was dancing with him, only him but there are pests surrounding us. (Who am I to feel that way anyway? I’m not yet his boyfriend.) I didn’t know what to do so I just bought a beer to warm my self and bust-up my confidence. So there was I trying to get closer and closer to him but I was conscious about my breath because it smells beer, Romeo doesn't drink beer. My body was in heat but really tired. I felt like I swum a 200 meters with butterfly stroke.
We went home around quarter to 6:00 am. I did enjoy my night. Before I got home, Romeo hugged me in front of his friends and I felt my ears clapping. Hehe kilig!
I didn’t sleep because Mr. Sandman won’t let me yet. I’m sure, after making this blog, I’ll run to my room and collapse into my bed.

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Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Let's Pump it!

Hindi ako nakalangoy sa swimming competition. Medyo mahirap tanggapin pero ngayon ok na ako. hehehe bkt? Nakuha ko na supplies ko e I got my shirt, pants and a large bag. Pero hindi talaga yun e, I came there to swim, hindi maging alila. So there. may naihati naman ako for the team. Ako bumili ng lunch namen, in short, naging utusan ako ni George, our beloved coach. Ok lang din naman kasi I had fun. In the afternoon, we had four 18" pizza from Yellow Cab. hehe sarap. Si Fr. Roy naman hnd na pinansin yung hairr ko. kaya masaya na rin talga. I requested Yuri to make our issue the front cover of The Courier, the official news letter of our college.

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Last Saturday was the cosplay event entitled "Ai No Hi: Nihon Night." It was Awesome! I was feeling celebrity because puro picture taking and cameras. My name was not Bonbonito but Ren Tao of Shaman King. It was really great. One reason is that some was able to notice my contact lenses, which is color yellow. I even gain new friends. My weapon was broken and someone helped me fix it and some invited me to a cosplay team. Guest what, I would be the main carachter of the team and beat that, I refused. Adik na nga ata ako. Deki is also inviting me again to the O-Zine fest this April. So, kailanagn kong magpatahi ng panibagong costume. Hmm... san ko naman kaya kukunin ang money na gagastusin ko for the costume... If I'll attend the said event, I'll be cosplaying Kuki Seishiro or Samurai Showdown. Sana bigyan ako ni Mama. I really hope so.