Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Wellness vs. Business

Well, after three months of waiting for my money that is supposed to be spent already, finally, few bucks went in. Wooooh!!!

I actually spent some already on my nails and movies. hihi. Hindi pa ako natutulog beacause I cannot, I ate cookies and marshmallows and iced tea after finishing a dreamcatcher, while watching television. I found myself bummed then I thought of my cash. How am I going to spend it?

Nose Job vs. a 5 in1 Reflector

Naplano ko na na magpa-nosejob actually matagal na. Gusto ko din magpadagdag ng jaw pero mas matindi ang "need" ko for a nosejob. 4 of my friends nagundergo na ng cosmetic surgery and they're okay about what happend. Well me, I'm not ok with my nose. Matangos naman ilong ko pero sa tingin ko hindi sapat. Oh my. I think this falls to a low esteem. shit!

Hmm.. REflector. I pretty in need of a reflector so I should buy na. Hmm.. I'm goimg to have a photoshoot with a fellow photohrapher, maybe he will bring a reflector on the set. Parasite!

Body Building vs. Business Materials

OMG! Sabi ko before magggym nako ulit para magkabump naman chest ko, dipper lines on my biceps and bigger butt. shet wala pa akong tulog kaya hindi pa pwede today. Come to think of it, I need clothes for the gym-ing! I was hillarius nung naggym ako dati. pramis, fashion victim. haha

For business materials, hmmm... I think I can dig my cabinest for things I can use for this new business. Should I? haha