Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Shoot? Shoot!

Oh my? Oh my!

Almost 2 months ko ng hindi ginagamit ang camera ko. I don't know if I still have the eye.

I'm calling for a photoshoot on March 20, 2009 (Friday), 2:00PM. Shoot will take place in my place.

I need two (2) male models and one (1) female. Preferably fit and who can do their own fierce make-up but I want to have an amateur make-up artist in this shoot for a special touch.

This shoot is about addiction and phantasm. Photos will be added to each of our folios. Please bring a friend, because I'm a silent person and I know we are not that close, for the added comfort-fun zone. Bring clothes too.

Here is the list of clothes that you can bring. If you don't have all of these clothing, don't worry, hopefully you can just bring some of them.

Female get up: dress (long and short) preferably glittery, vest. printed sando, peticoat, colored or net stockings or tights, 2 pair of shoes that is completely different from each other (no rubbershoes pls!), bolero, denim clothes other than your trousers, checkered pants, scarfs, fancy bag, hair clips and beaded accessories.

Male's attire: Jeans, casual belt, polo, scarfs, vest, jacket or coat, and fedora hat. (ang onti ng panlalake pala. kung may mga damit din kayo nung pambabae dala kayo a)

Sana may makapagdala ng dress, peticoat and colored tights. hihi. i-close nyo naman ako!!! haha. Sana naman may magparticipate and maging masaya ang shoot.


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