Wednesday, March 11, 2009

21 people and a toothache

Tom will be my 21st birthday and I have a f@*king toothache killing me. I wanted to have a party at the beach with fire and drums but the errands and tasks I have to finish before the summer vacation was out of my expectations. Maybe I'll just celebrate my birthday with someone watching a horror movie. Hmm...

I listed names of people I gained something like wisdom, knowledge, or valuable experience that is unforgettable and made a very important role on my growing age, aside from my family. Here they are...

My elementary and high school friends

1. Eduardo Fernandez - My aratilis buddy

2. Kristian Idol Gutierez - Smile and laugh. Oh man he's gorgeous. haha. I miss him.

3. Jamaica Pascual - M girl bestfriend. I learned that pen really has its own powers.

My college friends

1. "Chinee" Nicole Salang - I learned pakikisama and patience

2. Iza Camil Tan - I learned to be fabulous and Jologs-ly fun at the same time.

3. Jade Concepcion - because of her, I had a sport and accepted on a team with my gayness without me even noticing that they know about my huge secret.

4. Marlina Ortiguera - being manly. haha

5. Mary Gilizabeth Sulit - I learned to fight for my friends.

6. Minaizah Migue - I learned to accept my flaws

My gay friends

1. Erick Joseph Perez - my bestfriend. keeps me sane

2. "Zico Manzano" - reminds me to treat myself as royalty and in stance. My partner in crime. Batman!

3. Arbie Ubaldo - Appreciate everything and don't be stupid.

4. Adrian Babista - "Ang nakatatanda" haha

5. Jarenz - when I see him, he makes me strive for something. hmm..

6. Roelle - Face is an investment. Charot! I learned to find beauty in simplicity.

My love issues

1. Paul Rodrigo Cordero - My boyfriend and life partner. He taught me to be humble and love maturely.

2. Christopher Trinidad - My first boyfriend. There is nothing cheap in loving.

3. Rod Meyrick Tan - First person whom I felt respect and I should be very careful in choosing a partner in life.

4. Kendrick Dominic Uy - I learned to wait and acceptance.

5. Richard Chua - Be passionate about what you want.

6. "Jepoy" - I learned to fight and run because of love.

In due time, I will payback what I gained as a sign of my gratitude. You guys so far are the best treasures and roses of my 21 years of living.


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