Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Back Pain

It has been months since I last updated myself with what's happening in my daily life. I feel sorry for myself that I have to drop out from my graduate studies due to so many problems that I have to shoulder. I'm feeling depress about being jack of all trades. People would say that I should be happy. Not having a specialty is not what I'm sad about, its being the person who knows a lot more than my subordinates and the people above me who relies on my skills. When I see something wrong or lacking in effort, I have no choice but to make it better for others for the benefit of everyone. I'm getting tired of this. The resource and back-up person. Oh I know now. It's the respect. I think I'm not getting the respect I should have.

Every week I have to stay up late or do not sleep. My body is getting weaker and weaker everyday but I have to push myself (again, for others). I'm tired. My back aches because of the heavy load I'm carrying. Still, I should keep on pushing.


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